How Do They Do It?

I watch a lot of vintage reseller videos and am amazed that some vloggers seem to buying all the time. Vast amounts of inventory at every sourcing trip. Honestly how do they deal with so much stuff? All the tracking, listing, storing. Well, of course, some are full time and I am definitely part time. Still. With vintage stuff there can be so much research involved and fussing with photography, etc. I guess I’m more of a plodder because each piece takes me a while.

So in a week of a zillion estate sales that looked intriguing, I stayed home and plodded away at listing. I was stern with myself, “You don’t need any more inventory right now. You don’t!” But I’ll be honest it was hard…that feeling of missing out on finding good things. Still I did it…stayed home, researched, cleaned, photographed and listed stuff. I had a little mantra running through my head, “It can’t sell if it isn’t listed. It can’t sell if it isn’t listed. It can’t sell if it isn’t listed….”

And thankfully some of my newly listed items sold in record time…which was a darn good motivator for me! Last week I listed my little Harry Hambro Howe ship painting (a $3.00 thrift store find) on Chairish and it sold in three days for $225.

On Saturday I listed the lovely vintage lace tablecloth I bought at an estate sale three weeks ago. I don’t know much about lace, but I knew this was fabulous. After more research I discovered the main part of the lace was point de venise (rather than schiffli as I’d thought earlier) with filet lace inserts.

I struggled figuring out how to price this even after all my research. I finally settled on $145 with free shipping and it sold within 10 hours. Methinks I could have priced it higher! (Price paid: $10.)

I also listed a woven piece I got in a lot from a recent Shopgoodwill auction. Turns out it was a small Peruvian woven wool blanket. A neat boho piece for sure.

I did pop into my neighborhood thrift store on Sunday as I was going right by it on my way to church. Didn’t find anything till I went over to the jewelry counter. Mind you I almost never buy jewelry here. Ever. In fact I rarely look nowadays because the three shelves are usually filled with overpriced new stuff. Junk jewelry. But today I spotted a piece that my heart flutter–a vintage carved butterscotch bakelite dress clip. It took me about five minutes to find someone to unlock the cabinet and I was so worried another shopper would come by and try to get this first!

I rarely find things this old or cool here. It’s not worth a lot, but such a neat thing.

And since I had a staff member there waiting to pull out more items for me I looked a bit longer and found this five-strand crystal choker necklace.

Gosh, this was gorgeous. I could tell from the box clasp that it was older. Signed too, though for the life of me I couldn’t decipher it. Still worth the gamble as I would be happy to keep this one!

At home my eldest daughter figured it out–it was signed Eugene. Hold the phone it’s a Eugene (Schultz) piece from the 1950s/60s! (Here’s an interesting post on his life, company and work.)

And may I say, “hubba, hubba Eugene!

His uncommon pieces are quite desirable. Most sold prices tend to be under $100 with current listing prices all over the place, including one bib necklace in the $500s! I found the same necklace as mine (only with matching earrings) on Rubylane marked down to $158 so I’ve listed mine at $125 with free shipping.

Then on the way home I spotted some free stuff out by the street that included a couple of broken concrete statues. Loved this cherub’s head (about 6″ by 5″) with a delightful patina of wear, lichen and concrete leprosy. (His poor nose is gone!)

I might list this…though I’m half tempted to find a spot in my front garden for him!

I didn’t head out to any Memorial Day sales either but packaged up four orders and listed four others. I’m a plodder. And I’ll keep plodding. But this coming weekend is my city’s bi-annual yard sale event with hundreds of homes participating. In past years I have found so many fabulous things. Can’t wait to plan my route!

Happy hunting,


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