Life & Summer Finds

Life has been unusual lately–full of plane travel and high emotions. I had just gotten back from a fun five-day vacation in Washington state to pick up my daughter (who is now a college graduate…yah!) and a few days later I was back on a plane traveling to New York state to take care of my dad who was sick and not doing well. Between the “nursing,” cooking and chauffeur duty, I de-stressed by lunching with some favorite cousins (many thanks for treating me Barb and Shirley!) and taking a few short antiquing jaunts when I could. Now I’m back home in California where I’m trying to get caught up with my real life which includes finally sitting down to write this post!

Here are a few of the things I found in the last two weeks and why I bought them:

Loved this pair of vintage Swedish sterling silver Viking boat salt cellars with intact blue glass liners and original spoons. Aren’t these fun? In general you can’t go wrong buying well-priced silver smalls. And bonus, these are quirky and from Sweden. Checking on Worthpoint these typically sell from $35 to over $100 for one and sometimes do not include the liner and/or spoon.

I’ll list the pair for $160 with free shipping. (Paid $30.)

This 1858 cash book with worn leather cover and beautiful script grabbed my attention. Worth much? Not likely, but it’s such cool thing that has survived 161 years. I bought it because I liked it!

Paid $15.

What about these 1950s/1960s cat eye glasses by ArtCraft? I’m always on the lookout for cool vintage eyeglasses but rarely find them. These were reasonably priced and the store was willing to give me a little discount on top of that, so these were a no-brainer.

Paid $22.

They fit me great and I’m tempted to turn them into sunglasses.

My eyes look a little freaky with the prescription/bifocal lenses.

Love this pretty etched lipstick case in 800 silver. When you pull out the tube, the case pops open to reveal a mirror. An appealing and usable silver small, I think this will sell quickly.

I also liked this sterling silver spinner pendant that has turquoise and coral sides. Just a neat, wearable piece. Not sure yet what I’ll sell this for.

I loved, loved, loved this antique carved abalone shell bird pin (with C-clasp). It has great flash to the shell and appears to have no damage.

I’ll be listing this for $35 with free shipping.

And this sterling silver Victorian Aesthetic locket dangles from a bow pin. Old-fashioned, but sweet. If I were to keep this I would remove the bow and wear it as a necklace.

In the few days between my two trips I found a few goodies at my neighborhood thrift store, like this brass bowl and plate inlaid with turquoise stone bits. Likely made in India in the 1960s/70s, it has a fun boho vibe that some folks love.

This vintage tobacco jar is marked “Handpainted, Delft Blue, Holland” on the bottom. It’s missing its metal lid but would look great with a bunch of red tulips or branches. Delft blue pieces from Holland are ubiquitous and you can always find little clogs and ashtrays at thrift stores. While charming, they do not resell for much ($5-$15) and I leave them on the shelves now. But older and/or bigger pieces can be worth reselling.

I’ll list this for $50. (Paid $7.)

Though my knowledge of Delftware is sketchy, someday I would love to spot a really old, high quality piece on a thrift store shelf or at an estate sale. Wouldn’t that be exciting?!

Made in an array of styles and formats, high quality antique Delftware works typically sell within the modest range of $3,000-$6,000, but the more rare and remarkable works can reach prices twenty times as much.

I spotted this fun beaded cuff in the jewelry display and thought “why not!” After I got home I did some research and discovered it’s an African Maasai bracelet. Not rare, but a perfect accessory for summer.

This lovely lady is a Czechoslovakian porcelain bud vase. I have been veering away from items like this, but with her creamy color and simple, sinuous lines I could see her fitting into many types of decor.

I won this large (34″ tall) sailboat painting on before I left for New York and it was waiting for me when I got home. I’m really pleased with the skill on this and the muted dawn colors. It looks great on our family room mantel.

I bought this for $10 with $16 shipping!

After numerous attempts to decipher the signature, I finally figured it out. It’s for listed artist Yanush Godlewski.

He was born in 1939 in Warsaw, Poland and now lives and works in California, Sweden and Poland. From what I can discover his works typically resell in the $150-$400 range. I feel guilty getting this so cheaply!

I’ll close for now hoping your summer is going well. If you see something you’d like that isn’t listed in my Etsy store yet, please feel free to contact me.

Happy hunting,


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  1. I used to collect salt cellars and toothpick holders until I just ran out of space. I love the glasses, yes they would make great sunglasses! The lipstick holder is adorable, definitely very collectible. Great finds I like the locket too! 🙂

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