What’s Selling, What’s Not

Every now and then I look at my recent sales to see if I can spot any trends. The sales below represent a short period and low volume (summer is here!) so I can’t put too much weight into any trends. Still it’s good to be aware of what’s selling and it might help me focus my sourcing a bit. Not that I need to do much sourcing. I have piles of stuff that I need to get listed in my stores. Maybe someday I’ll get caught up!

Sales from the last six weeks…

Here’s what I noticed…

Crocheted and lace items sold unusually well (five altogether), including three items that I had just bought in May and June and recently listed.

Bought for $5, sold for $40 with free shipping.
Bought for $2, sold for $60 with free shipping.
Bought for $10, sold for $145 with free shipping.

Silk scarves were another winner. And bonus, are so easy to store and ship!

Jewelry (6) and books (4) sold on par, though I always wish sales were healthier in these areas. Unfortunately there’s a ton of online competition in jewelry. A ton. And likewise the online secondhand book market is a tough one, particularly with behemoth Amazon. Despite the fact that I provide photos of the actual book (which are not provided for secondhand books on Amazon) and have free shipping as well. Still I love books and will always have some quirky ones in my store.

I bought this 1888 book with the fab cover for $1 and it sold for $16 plus free shipping. Not really worth bothering with…more a labor of love.

Artwork did well during this period with four pieces sold, including two that had been in my store for a while.

China, crystal and pottery languished. It swooned. Frankly, the market is glutted with china and crystal and younger folks aren’t buying this stuff and boomers are downsizing! (Plus, I am ashamed to admit, I still have crystal I bought two years ago and never listed. Beautiful decanters and glasses.)

Brass items had a reasonable showing with a lion bank, a Mottahedeh beehive cookie jar and an antique etched sad iron.

Bought this beauty for 50% off on the second day of an estate sale. Even at full price, this had “meat on the bone.” Paid $15, sold for $120.

Clothing was kaput! Dead. Not one jacket, sweater or blouse sold. And that is typical for me. Clothing takes forever to sell in my Etsy store.

In closing…

So this summer I’m not going to buy any more china and crystal unless it’s fabulous. And no more vintage clothing unless it’s super fabulous. (It’s too much work for such a slow, if ever, return.) I’ll say yes to good lace, textiles, jewelry, art, religious items, brass, books, MCM stuff and sterling silver smalls.

For those of you who sell, I’d love to hear what’s selling for you…and what you’ll be focusing on buying this summer.

Happy hunting (and selling),



  1. Vintage clothing seems to be selling, I’m a buyer and not finding many bargains. I bought a Flow Blue pitcher at a local shop for $48 with a few flaws. Too much for what it is, but I didn’t want to get one on eBay and pay shipping + worry about breakage in the mail. I also bought a scarf for $10 I think it’s a silk blend. Store I got it from is going out of business.

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