A Few Good Online Finds

Considering it’s only a few weeks away from Christmas and Hanukkah, my Etsy store sales have been lackluster. Surprising really as my October and November sales had been so good that I just ASSUMED (yes, in capital letters) that December would be fantastic. Alas, no, mes amis. No, no, no.

Still this quieter season is helping me enjoy the holidays more and giving me time to buy some great items for 2020, particularly online. So it’s all good! Here are a few goodies I’ve bought…

Antique Bohemian Garnet Brooch

I adore old bohemian garnet jewelry. The stones in these pieces are noted for being deep red with a lot of fire. Typically small, they are set close together giving items a fabulous “encrusted” look. Sourced for hundreds of years (in what is now known as the Czech Republic), the mines are mostly tapped out so newer pieces claiming to be bohemian garnet are likely not. (Buyer beware.)

Here are a few old Bohemian garnet pins/pendants from my collection.

The piece I bought recently on eBay is small (1.2″ wide) and simple, but all the stones are original and it retains its C-clasp. Can’t you see this at the collar of a fancy Edwardian blouse?

Paid $52, will list for $90.

Old Religious-Themed Printer Blocks

Whilst looking for something else, I stumbled on this listing for a collection of printer blocks with religious themes. Made of wood and copper, I find these old blocks sooooo appealing. And as it turns out, they are quite heavy.

I’ll list these in small lots or individually.

Lace Mystery Lot

I don’t buy mystery lots. I like to know what I’m getting. I like to cherry pick things. I’ll bet you do too! And with mystery lots I figure it’s all “odds and sods.” Though I have bought some “semi mystery” lots of linens and silk scarves on Shopgoodwill. In these lots the stores showed photos of the items, but everything was folded up or in piles with very little information. But surprisingly both lots ended up being quite good.

So a couple of days ago when I saw this lace semi-mystery lot on eBay I was intrigued. A few pieces looked promising. But the photos were all dark and the items never unfolded. The condition was described overall as “nice,” but it was hard to tell. And hard to tell what was really here.

I waffled on this lot, but as I’ve done well with some semi-mystery lots and lovely lace items this year, I decided for $21 to take a chance.

Well the package arrived this week and sadly about 70% of it is just not worth selling! Things had stains, holes and were just plain odd, like a super long (damaged) apron with ties that are too short to be functional.

I loved this pretty baby bonnet but it had so many holes. 😦

Thankfully there were a couple of items in good condition. Here’s what I’ll try to sell…

This home made apron was constructed from three or four hankies. It’s nicely done with no issues. Unfortunately there are thousands and thousands of vintage aprons for sale on Etsy and I find they sell sloooowly.

I’ll freshen it up and iron it before I list it!

This crocheted purse is nice, but with no lining, what could it be used for? Maybe storing special photos or love letters or??

This net lace capelet that slips over the head is…interesting! After doing some research I believe it’s circa 1920 to 1930. Ladies would toss this over a satin sheath dress.

The best piece was this Irish crocheted lace jabot. I believe it is circa 1900-1940. Other than one widow and a repair on the collar it’s in lovely condition.

I will list this for $48.

Here are similar examples from one of my favorite lace resources The Rook and Raven: Identifying Antique Lace.

While I will make a profit off this lot, and it will be easy to store and ship, I am a tad disappointed.

Fabulous 1940s Sterling Heart Charm Bracelet

Older sterling silver puffy heart charms (1900-1940s), particularly with interesting themes, gems or enamel, are quite desirable. It’s not unusual for a charm to sell for $100+. So when I was perusing vintage charm bracelets on Etsy, I was delighted to find this jam-packed vintage heart bracelet. What a treasure. It belonged to the seller’s sister and though she valued it at $350, she was selling it for much less.

Paid $148 (which included sales tax).

Some of the repoussé hearts are fairly common but others, like the lion shown in front, have a bit of value. I plan on enjoying this bracelet for a while before I sell off any of the charms.

Overall December has been a strange month. Full of expensive house repairs and dental appointments (thanks to a broken crown), but also blessed with special times with family and friends and a few darn good finds. That’s life, isn’t it? Such a wacky mix.

I hope your holiday season is wacky and wonderful in all the right ways!

Wishing you happy hunting,



  1. Karen,
    My sales were great in October and the beginning of November, but now …nothing
    This is my first year on Facebook Marketplace, I’ve loved it so far.
    Hopefully everyone is busy with family

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Ann, so glad to hear you are doing well on FB Marketplace! I should have learned by now to never assume with sales! You could be right about folks being busy with family…which is a good thing! All the best, Karen


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