The Siren Call of Good Stuff

By intent, I hadn’t bought much this month. I’d been focusing more on selling or jettisoning inventory. (My twenty-something daughter is taking one of my vintage bar items to use in a white elephant gift exchange at work!) But two sourcing opportunities presented themselves this past weekend that were too good to pass up. On Friday I went to a 50%-off sale at a nearby boutique thrift store (this store always has nice things but is usually priced too high for resellers) and on Saturday I went to our local flea market. As it turns out, neither venue was ideal, but still I found some neat items and I came away with jig in my step.

Here’s what I got (for $110) at the very crowded thrift store…

Fabulous vintage boho Tibetan necklace. In the winter this would look great paired with a black turtleneck and in the summer a white linen shirt.

Two Mottahedah ceramic brick bulb planters/vases. These made-in-England reproductions are based on 1760s originals and were sold through the Winterthur Museum in the 1960s. In beautiful condition they are now quite scarce.

I’ll be listing these for $100 with free shipping.

Gero (Georg Nilsson) silver-plated Art Nouveau napkin/letter holder. Wouldn’t this be a pretty item to store special letters?

Modern bloodstone and sterling silver bib necklace. Even with the discount I “paid up” for this and am hoping it was a good decision!

Restaurant souvenir Italian jug. Thought this had a fun look, though as it turns out I probably should have left this behind. Was hoping they sold for $50-$75. Alas they typically sell for $20-$25. Not the range I want for breakable items that take longer to package.

On Saturday I went early to our local flea market, where, sadly, not many vendors had shown up. There were only 25 or so spread out over the parking lot. I was disheartened as I knew some of these folks would be selling newer stuff, clothes, cleaning products and the like. Stuff I wasn’t interested in.

Here’s what I got (for $89) at the slim-pickings flea market…

Large International sterling silver partridge in a pear tree pendant/ornament.

Vintage Chinese carnelian and enamel vermeil pendant. The seller kept saying this was “really old,” but my research so far is placing it around the 1950s. Still it’s a nice piece.

Vintage cast iron fire alarm. Just a bit of fun. Am tempted to affix this to a wall in our house.

Late 1800s tatted and drawn lace sleeping cap with original silk lining. What a beauty.

Huge antique rhinestone and gold-tone metal brooch with C-clasp. I wore this over the weekend as a pendant and got a few compliments.

1940s barkcloth tablecloth with graphic embroidery. In remarkably good condition with just a few tiny stains and a slight stored-in-the-garage odor. I’ll give this a good soaking and take a better pic when it’s all clean and ironed.

Sajen designer sterling silver and gemstone bracelet with moon/goddess charm. You don’t find many Sajen bracelets like this.

Sajen-style sterling silver and gemstone moon pendant. Such a cutie!

All in all, I am happy with everything I bought and I think the prices I paid will give me a fair shot at a decent profit, though I need to do more research on most of these.

As a bonus on Monday I donated books and other items from my Etsy store to my neighborhood thrift store. That felt good. And then in the store I spotted a pretty onyx wine cooler. Couldn’t leave this on the shelves!

It would also make a nice vase or spoon holder in the kitchen.

Alas I haven’t had the chance to list any of my new finds, but I figure it’s really getting down to the wire for ordering Christmas and Hanukkah presents anyway and I want to take some time off!

Happy hunting, selling and celebrating the holidays,


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