Couldn’t Say No to Baby Clothes, Bar Ware and an Owl

Honestly I wasn’t looking to acquire anything else for a few days. I know some sellers go out sourcing every day and buy bagfuls, but I’ve never had the inclination or the need. I don’t sell vast quantities every month! My business is decidedly modest. But when I saw a listing for free vintage baby clothes on a social media site I decided to contact the gal. They hadn’t been spoken for yet and she was happy to set them out for me to pick up the next morning. Yeah!

Vintage baby clothes and shoes from the 1940s-1970s do sell, but there a lot of them out there, so prices are fairly low. For example, dresses typically sell for $10-$25 depending on material, details, condition, maker, etc. But I have sold a few in the past and figured it might be worth the effort.

Unfortunately most of the items in this group had a bit too much wear to be sellable. For example this cute toddler boy’s short set had pilling and the shirt was stained.

But there were a few winners. Like these baby shoes from Mrs. Days Ideal Baby Shoe in original boxes. Kinda cool.

And this fancy baby jacket appears to be in pristine condition.

I found this a challenge to photograph!

This hand crocheted baby set of sweater, booties and hat was sweet. Found one stain on the sweater but I’ve hand washed them all and it’s turned out great.

I’ve also decided to try and rescue this Churchill handwoven blanket which had a few light stains. Churchill Weavers of Berea, Kentucky, started in 1922 and ceased production in 2007. This blanket of orlon acrylic is likely circa late 1960s/70s. Similar ones typically sell for $25-45.

So far I’ve given the blanket two hand washings in hot water and detergent. Now it’s drip drying in the bathroom and we’ll see how it looks.

And since I was passing by my neighborhood thrift store after picking up the baby clothes I popped in…of course. Spotted this professionally framed print of “Jerusalem–the Noble Sanctuary” by David Roberts. The original was printed in 1839. This is a later reproduction art print likely about 20-30 years old.

Unfortunately after I got home and removed the price tag I noticed the print had a tiny bit of rippling…so while still a nice thing, likely not worth selling online. I may end up redonating this. (If you’re in Silicon Valley and think you might like this freebie, let me know.)

Missed this brass ice bucket on my first pass down the metal aisle. Isn’t it a beauty? It’s also a good weight at almost two pounds. I always keep an eye out for vintage bar ware.

I don’t buy many figurines. Just not my thing. But I thought this little stylized ceramic owl was fabulous. He had an Otagiri look to me. Part of me was saying “Put him back on the shelf” and the other part was “Oh no you don’t!” Back at home I started looking up “Otagiri ceramic owls” and by golly it is a mid-century Otagiri owl. The only ones I’ve found like mine are listed for $80 and above. So glad I took the time to research this!

And at ShopGoodwill I bought this vintage Belgian woven tapestry with a middle-eastern scene. This one is particularly long at 55″.

There were a couple of areas stiffness on the left side of the tapestry, which made me wonder if they had starched the ends to make it hang better. Though the other end had no stiffness. Hmmm. Or perhaps it was used as a runner on a dining room table and something got spilled on it. Regardless I just gave it a quick cold water rinse to freshen it up and it’s drying in my bathroom too.

I’m trying to get things listed as I acquire them, but it’s not always easy. Many of these had to be hand washed, ironed or wiped down. Then there’s the research and measuring and photographing. I’m happy if I get four things listed in a morning. ~

I’ll close for now because I need to go outside and enjoy this beautiful sunny day.

Wishing you all happy hunting,


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