Jewelry, Italian Ceramics and a Shoe Quilt!

First a thank you to three of my local blog readers (Jane, Wanda and Rosalie) who saw items they wanted in recent posts and arranged in-person sales. It’s a treat knowing these items went to good homes. Thank you ladies.

On the sourcing front, I’ve been keeping my buying to a minimum. Just a few cherry-picked items here and there. Mostly to add a little fun to my days.

Flea Market Finds

I only had 30 minutes (!!) to spend at the flea market this past Saturday between appointments so I focused on vendors selling vintage jewelry. Ended up with a just three things, spending $40.

Sterling Silver Danecraft Bracelet

This pretty, quality Danecraft bracelet is sized for small to average wrists and weighs just over 16 grams.

I’ll be listing this for $65 with free shipping.

Retro 1940s/50s Glittery Glass Bead Necklace

I debated about buying this necklace with its glitter beads, but it reminded me of something my mother would have worn when she was young so I went for it.

I’ll be listing this for $24 with free shipping.

Chunky Hand-Made Ceramic Bead Necklace with Chinese Characters

This necklace is quite a statement piece. I wore it out the other day and received four compliments. According to my friend Iris, the characters mean “loving heart,” which I really like. The beads are 1.25″ wide

I’ll be listing this for $50 with free shipping.

Online Finds

Though it’s not a huge source for me I spend a little time each week looking for undervalued things from other online sellers. Sometimes I get lucky.

Hand-Made Shoe Quilt

This small quilt is from a Shopgoodwill store and was made as a high school graduation gift back in 2004. I wonder why Marjorie got rid of it because I think it’s amazing. Each shoe has a date by it when that style was popular. It’s a fun piece perfect for a shoe lover, fashionista or retail store.

I will be listing this for $125.

Vintage European Enamel Silver Shield Bracelet

This type of charm bracelet is fairly desirable. I bought it to sell the shields individually or in small groups. But I may change my mind and keep it together. Individual shields typically sell for $12-$24.

Paid $50.

Thrift Store Finds

My little neighborhood thrift store is still one of favorite hunting venues as it continues to deliver great sellable items as well as a few things I’ve keep for myself! I spent $14.50 on the items below.

Mid-Century Italian Hand-Painted Ceramic Ashtray

Such a pretty thing and in darn good condition considering it’s been used. I’ll give it a scrub to remove those nicotine stains. Would make a cute ring dish on a nightstand.

I’ll be listing this at $28 with free shipping.

Italian Deruta-Style Hand-Painted Ceramic Creamer

I was sold at the naively painted dragon on a tower. I mean how wacky is this?!

Not sure what this means yet. Or what I’ll list this for.

Heavy Mod Crystal Bud Vase with Acid Mark

I’m not picking up much crystal these days, but I liked the simple cut pattern on this 10″ bud vase. The opening would accommodate one perfect flower and would work in different decors.

Could this acid mark be for Christolfe? Hmmm. The “C” looks too fancy for the current mark. I’ll figure it out eventually.

1970s Student-Made Pottery Box

I was on my way out of the store and took one last look at the tables by the front doors and there it was. This handmade box (5″ by 5″) looked all kinds of mod fabulous. This is the kind of thing that designer Kelly Wearstler would have in her store for $1000.

I peeled back the tape holding the lid on to take a look at the inside and discovered this note underneath the lid. Honestly, the note clinched the sale for me. For $5.19 this box was mine.

So I have a few fun vintage things to add to my store and more research to do. Lately though I’ve been distracted by the spring-like weather here in Silicon Valley. When I should be listing I’ve been playing in my yard and planting herbs.

Wishing you happy hunting,


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