What’s in Your Death Pile?

If you’re in the biz of selling vintage and antique stuff, you daily hear the siren call of thrift stores, estate sales, auctions, flea markets, rummage sales and antique stores. That next great find is out there and you don’t want to miss it. I know I don’t! It’s the best part of the biz. But lately I have been curbing my buying because I still have piles–death piles–of things that haven’t been added to my online stores. Some date back (I’m embarrassed to admit) to purchases made over four years ago.

So I’m making a concerted effort to close my ears to the siren call of the hunt and get more death pile items listed or donated. Here are some of the best/interesting things I’ve unearthed in my archeological dig in the piles…

An Edwardian Linen/Cotton Shrug with Lace Inserts and Trim

I bought this lovely shrug at an antique store near Lancaster, PA, with my dear friend Lauri three years ago. It’s in beautiful condition (only one light stain) and I have no excuse for not having listed it.

This special piece will be $110 with free shipping.

A Boxed Set of Irish Linen Hankies

I bought these from a UK Etsy seller with the intention of using them as a gift and then I found something I liked better for the person. I’ve had them for two years. Time to let them go.

I’ll list this for $32 with free shipping.

Vintage Van Raalte Nylon Half Slip

It’s a size large and the only damage I could see was that the elastic in the waistband is a bit loose. I would show you the whole slip, but the pleated hem is the prettiest bit. I’ve had this for at least three years.

Silver Middle Eastern/Anglo-Indian Bowl and Spoon Set

I bought this neat set at a thrift store near Half Moon Bay, CA, ten months ago. The bowls are marked Silver, but I’m doubtful they are sterling silver. I finally ordered a silver acid testing kit to find out. I’m hoping they are at least a low-grade silver. Regardless it is a pleasing and usable set.

Listing price ???

Italian Kulson Cotton Bra, Size 42

I bought this at a yard sale four years ago and paid way too much! Despite being a generous Euro size 42, it’s quite small and would like only fit A-B cups. It has a great retro look, but is more recent.

Worth listing?

Misc. Metal Items: Compass, First Aid Kit, Pedometer, Adding Thingy

These items were all bought at different times and I’m really not sure how I want to sell them as they are not worth the effort on their own. The pedometer doesn’t work and the SizeMatic adding machine is missing it’s metal pencil.

Hmmm….what to do?

A Bit of Encouragement

A few days ago I finally got this 1950s/1960s men’s shaving coat ironed and listed. It had been languishing in one of my piles for three years. I let that sink in. Three years. Now here’s the kicker–it sold in less than two hours! ($35 with free shipping) It’s now on its way to Miami.

The Tip of the Iceberg

These items represent only a small portion of what I need to deal with, but I am determined that this year, 2020, I will eliminate all my death piles! One way or another I want to be done with the clutter in our house. If I am to keep going with this business, it needs to be more streamlined. Enough said.

What’s in your death pile?


P.S. If you haven’t visited my store in a while, please do. I’ve added some interesting things.


  1. Time to find those orphans homes! As to the misc. metal objects, they seem like they would be great to work into steampunk gear or for assemblage artists.

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