Reselling During the Coronavirus Pandemic

First, my condolences to those who have suffered during this pandemic due to the loss of a loved one, personal illness or financial loss. I have lived a good many decades and have never experienced anything like this before. It feels like we’ve entered “The Twilight Zone.” Last night my husband and I went out to dinner just to feel normal. It was good to see people sitting at the outdoor tables enjoying a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.

This morning I got to thinking that for those of us who resell things (vintage or not), how will this pandemic affect our businesses? Here’s what I’ve come up with…

Sourcing Could Become More Difficult

My county has a mandatory cancellation of gatherings over 1000 people and is recommending canceling gatherings over 250 people. So my local monthly flea market is canceled this Saturday. I was planning on going. And I’m guessing no organizations will be hosting rummage sales. Estate sales still seem to be going full steam ahead for now, but some of the more popular companies usually have a couple hundred folks show up in the first hour or two. Everyone in proximity, breathing on each other, touching everything. Hmmm. (Of course going at a less-busy time is an option.) Thankfully thrift stores are still open and I was pleased to see that my neighborhood store has Lysol wipes at the counter and are frequently wiping down the counter, credit card reader and pen. And, of course, online sourcing is always an option.

Sales/Revenue Could Decline

I think it’s safe to say that those of us in the vintage market space do not sell things that people need to survive. We sell the extras of life. Adornments. And as more folks start to be financially impacted by Covid-19, we could see sales stagnate. No one will be buying a mid-century pottery vase or a sterling silver bangle when there’s concern about making a mortgage or rent payment or putting food on the table. Just a reality check.

Moving Forward in this Season

As a reseller I will be cutting back on buying, putting more things on sale and resetting my expectations for this year. I am fortunate that my part-time biz is just supplemental income. But personally I am looking for ways to help those who may need assistance. Now is the time for calm, consideration and kindness.

A Few Finds

To end on a fun note, I popped into my neighborhood thrift store to make an exchange and found two cool brass things. One was a tripod candle holder featuring rams’ heads. The candle holder had a mate, but the other one was so corroded that sadly I had to leave it behind. Still this is nice on its own.

And I loved this antique brass kettle stand with two birds and lion’s feet. Circa late 1800s/early 1900s according to my research.

I am also excited about this purchase that has yet to be shipped. It was a lot of two crucifixes, one of which is hand carved and has a great folk art feel. The other one is known as a resurrection cross and looks promising too.

Listing photo.

So life goes on. It is sunny and 72 degrees fahrenheit today. There are blooms and blossoms and tiny green leaves. I think I’ll go outside and soak it in.

Wishing you health and happy hunting,


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