March 17, Day 1 of Shelter in Place

I’ve decided to do some different blog posts for a time on what life is like now during this mandatory shelter-in-place order in the San Francisco Bay Area due to Covid-19. And I’m hoping you will share what life is like in your neck of the woods.

First let me say, I am used to being home a lot. (Usually alone.) It’s where I manage my Etsy business, do a bit of writing and take care of the tedious stuff around our house and yard. It’s not an exciting life but it suits me right now. But as you can imagine that makes me value the opportunities when I do go out all the more. I treasure my jaunts to thrift stores and flea markets, my coffee dates with girlfriends, my church activities, my trips to the library and the occasional play. (I don’t need much!)

Because I had been sick with a cold the week before and had barely gone anywhere I was really, really itching to get out this week. In fact my husband and I had plans to go away on Thursday for a long weekend to celebrate his birthday. Our first stop was to have been this delightful B & B in Pacific Grove, CA—one of our favorite, not-too-far-from-home destinations. Of course the trip was cancelled once this mandatory shelter-in-place order hit the news.

So even though the first day started as any normal day would for me, it felt profoundly different. I was a little numb at first, like “What now?” But I was able to shake off that feeling and get started doing things.

I made chicken noodle soup (threw in a little cilantro from our herb patch to bring a little added zing) and chewy chocolate chip bars. I washed dishes and added a couple of items to my Etsy store. I worked for several hours on a short video script that I was doing for my church and later spent over an hour doing many takes to record it. (I kept thinking as I reviewed the recordings “Is this how I look?!!” In my mind’s eye I stopped aging myself at 30.)

I went outside to write in my journal and marveled at the remarkable quiet. Hardly any cars on the street or planes overhead. More walkers than anything. The recent rain has brought on the spring growth and I am thrilled that our climbing jasmine is starting to blossom.

I looked at my phone for the hundredth time and stressed out about the lack of sales in my stores the past few days and then chided myself because that’s not important right now. It’s just not.

Later in the afternoon my eldest daughter (who lives 10 miles away) popped by with some supplies she’d gotten her hands on: hand sanitizers, gloves and face masks. I shared some of our food (oranges, grapes, peanut butter, chocolate chip bars) with her as she barely kept any at her apartment and hadn’t had time to go shopping yet.

My husband, almost single-handedly, finished our book jigsaw puzzle. I am a plodder when it comes to puzzles.

After dinner my husband, youngest daughter (who lives at home) and I nestled in to watch some TV together. “Better Call Saul” is a new favorite. I concluded the day as I usually do, reading in bed.

Day 1 done.


  1. Thank you very, very much for doing this new version of your blog, Karen! Your vintage treasure hunting blog is always wonderful and exciting, and I’m now looking forward to reading your thoughts about this unusual situation we are all experiencing.
    Best wishes,
    Gunda in Ohio

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  2. We were getting ready to drive 600 miles to central Ohio (from SE NC) to see my mother who is in a memory care facility. That is until the shelter-in-place news came out. So we had to cancel those plans. It was hard to get through to to cancel uncancelable hotels and get our money back on two different hotels. My wife was supposed to go to a conference on the way home, but they cancelled. All-in-all we cancelled our hotels, got all of our money back, and my wife, who is a teacher at a local community college, is home for the duration.


  3. Trapped, trapped like a rat at home.
    Just back, can you say plane trip, from AZ, so now quarantining .
    Will spend the time framing different artwork that I’ve collected over the past several years.
    And ironing lots of linens to sell at a later date.
    And for fun, I’ll try to learn how to put on false eyelashes, on my eyes instead of my fingers, lol

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  4. Oh Ann, I love that you are going to make such good use of your time quarantining. I’m hoping to seriously whittle down my death pile. I cracked up about the false eyelashes! Keep safe, Karen


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