March 18, Day 2 of Shelter in Place

I slept poorly last night. A condition flared up that made sleep difficult. Possibly the stress of this situation aggravated it.

In the wee hours of the morning I found myself out on our family room couch scouring the internet for well-priced vintage items to buy and resell. (Still hunting! Hard to break the habit though I don’t need to buy more inventory.) For some reason cloisonné items were striking a chord with me.

Finally put my laptop down and started rereading “Bedlam in the Backseat” by Janet Gillespie. No, it’s not an erotic page turner, but a charming, humorous story about one family’s travels in Europe in the 1950s.

9:30 a.m. it’s overcast and a chilly 46 degrees. I want to take care of some yard projects but am not motivated to go outside. Too dreary and cold. My daughter is in her room on her laptop. My husband is in his home office on his computer and I am in the kitchen on mine.

A little after 10:00 Fed Ex dropped off an online auction win I’ve been waiting and waiting for. I’m shaking my head a little on this one. With the expensive shipping from the East Coast I really shouldn’t have bid on this. Plus there were some undisclosed condition issues. Still if you want an authentic, old, chippy wood toolbox, I’ve got one! I love the hint of green paint showing through under the barn red coat. That’s part of its beauty.

Closer to noon I saw our elderly neighbor outside and ran out to give him a couple of the hospital-grade face masks my daughter brought over yesterday.  In his upper 80s and whippet thin, it would not end well if he caught the virus.

I have not been watching much news. Realized I needed a break, though I have appreciated keeping in touch with friends on Facebook. That’s been wonderful.

Took a nap to try and catch up on my sleep.

Need to go grocery shopping tomorrow. It’s not a dire need, but we could use some fresh fruit and veggies and we’re running low on protein options. I’m thinking of buying organic chicken and fish (perhaps some canned salmon or crab) and maybe more non-perishable vegetarian options like nuts and beans. I want to get enough to last five to seven days while not resorting to hoarding.

Though the shelter in place has just started it will be the first time I’ve been out in public in five days. Wondering how cautious I should be. Wear the latex gloves? The hospital-grade mask?

Latest fashion.

The three of us in the house have all been doing our own thing most of the day. Though honestly I haven’t been doing much of anything. Feel a tad guilty at being such a slug.

5:30 p.m. just found out someone I used to work with is in the hospital with Covid-19. She’s one of the most amazing women. Hard for me to think of her suffering. Breaks my heart. Will remember her in my prayers.

Post dinner. Trying to relax with my family and not think about all that’s going on. Watched “The Gift”–a psychological thriller–on Netflix. Phew…that was a good one!

Day two done.


  1. Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry to hear about your old co-worker. Hoping for the best possible outcome for her!

    Even here in Seattle, where all the first deaths occurred, we’re not under a mandatory shelter in place order. I’ve been WFH since March 6 and now my husband is finally WFH also. We’re also having a beautiful spring week, but it’s going to rain all next week, at which time we’ll both be under each other’s feet.

    That book sounds wonderful! I haven’t been able to concentrate enough to read, but it sounds like the perfect escapism to lift your spirits right now.

    Hang in there and be well,


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    1. Many thanks Lisa! It will be a bit strange having all three of us around the house all the time. I’m thinking I may treat myself to ordering a few more books since I can’t get to the library.

      Hoping your WFH situation works well for both of you! The rain won’t make it easy. I think we are finally rain free for a few days.

      Need to contact my old boss to see how my co-worker is doing. It’s a bit worrisome because she is older.

      All the best,


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