March 19, Day 3 of Shelter in Place

My husband’s birthday! In a normal world we would have driven down to Monterey as we had planned. We would have found a good restaurant for lunch and then checked into our B & B in Pacific Grove where I had reserved a room with a fireplace and a balcony. (And at some point I would have spent a few fun hours at the huge antique mall just off Cannery Row and visited a few of my favorite thrift stores.)

Of course it’s not a normal world now.

Went to grocery shopping at 8:00 a.m. It was a little bit busier than it normally is at that time of day, but not crazy. Some empty shelves though. Very little fresh meat. No chicken. Almost no fresh or frozen vegetables in this smallish store. I literally got the last of the onions. Ended up with three cans of somewhat pricey crab meat. Hope it’s good! (Will need to go out grocery shopping again sooner rather than later. Thankful I was able to get more coffee!)

Maybe I’ll make crab cakes or use in fried rice.

Afterwards I did some overdue yard projects and had the added pleasure of being able to chat with neighbors passing by. So far everyone is in good spirits. Coping. Adjusting.

My two types of cilantro and lemon thyme are thriving.

No sales again today in any of my online stores. Rather demotivating. My vintage hunting and selling has been one of my raison d’etres for the last eight years. Such a fun part of my life. Hard to know if this is just a blip (some vintage sellers have reported that their sales are just fine) or if this downturn will be part of my new reality for a much longer time.

Day three done.


  1. Hi Karen, here’s hoping that our vintage sales will continue soon. The Antique Depot is still open but who’s going to shop for antiques when they need food and supplies? Birthday wishes to your husband! Take care, Trish

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    1. Hi Trish. So agree that people definitely have more important things to buy, but am thankful I got a few orders this morning.

      I’ll admit I would love to go antiquing right now if I could. I’m having “hunting withdrawal,” though I have been doing a little online searching.

      Keep safe, Karen

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