April 1, Day 16, Shelter in Place

As I sit here on my stoop at 2:30 p.m. with a glorious blue sky overhead and an abundance of spring growth and blossoms in the yard, I can forget the current reality of the world…at least for a while. There are few cars passing by, fewer planes crossing the sky and the birdsong is delightfully raucous. Pure bliss.

Recent calls to friends and family reveal that everyone is safe and healthy and coping fairly well. Such a relief. Though news two days ago of a college friend’s unexpected death stunned me. He leaves behind a wife who has been his soulmate since high school, four wonderful children and a passel of grandchildren. He was one of the good ones. It was too soon.

I moved through the day doing a bit of this and that including adding more jewelry to my Etsy store. As well as being a passion of mine, jewelry is enduringly popular. People of all ages buy jewelry for many occasions (birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, graduations, etc.) and no reason at all.

Of course finding good pieces to sell that have “meat on the bone” is not that easy…at least for me. A couple of years ago I wrote what has turned out to be my most popular blog post, “Why I Don’t Buy Jewelry Jars.” A few commenters chided me for not trying them. Here’s the thing, I am not opposed to jewelry jars, it’s just that I’ve never found one worth buying. Particularly because my passion, my focus, is on older jewelry (40-100+ years).

One of my fav youtubers Renee of Paper & Moose recently bought a seven-pound bag from an online Goodwill store for $40. Now the store mentioned that it wouldn’t contain any silver or gold, but of course things do get missed so she decided to give it a try.

The vlog was fun to watch but there were only a few pieces I would consider putting in my store. Most of it was modern and poorly made and there was a smattering of broken and damaged pieces. So for now, unless I spot something fabulous in a jar, I still won’t be giving them a go.

However I will buy lots where you can see everything. Here’s one I bought earlier this week on eBay for $55. This seller typically puts together charm lots that combine good pieces with some meh bits and includes lots of photos but few details.

Here’s why I bought this lot: The silver bracelet has a large toggle that appears to have English hallmarks. Depending on the weight (hopefully the links are solid), it could sell for $50-$70. The four vintage enamel shield charms sell for $10-$15 each. The English heart padlock typically sells for $20-$30. There’s a Western Union telegram that opens to “I Love You” that can sell for $30. And there are a few other interesting charms. I’m wondering what that Paris pin is all about, but the carved bone eskimo statue is the wild card in the lot and may be an Inuit or Russian piece. I’ll need to do research on this. When all is said and done there will be profit.

Please do visit my store and take a look at all of my jewelry offerings which include a number of pieces on sale.

Hope you are enduring this season of sheltering-in-place without too much stress and maybe even a little joy. Certainly it’s putting things in perspective for me and I love hearing the stories of folks stepping up to help others in amazing ways.

Happy hunting however you can,



  1. Hello Karen,
    I’m glad you’re safe, but it’s so sad to read the bad news of your former fellow student. I’m so sorry for his family…
    The lot you purchased looks interesting! Isn’t it fun and exciting the suspense feeling you get while you await for its delivery? and then tuck in to check what you actually get 🙂 I hope it’s all good!
    I still haven’t got myself to do any more listings, maybe I will find some motivation at the weekend…. On the other hand, I got again the inspiration to post on my blog. Nothing major but just as an entertainment…
    Take care and all the best ❤

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    1. I’ll admit I’ve been sourcing more online than I thought I would! Wish I would get more motivated to list too. Such a struggle these days.

      I’ve been enjoying all your new blog posts. Nice that you are refurbishing that old dresser. It’s worth it!

      Stay safe, Karen

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  2. I love charms with tiny moving parts. The high chair and horse toy with wheels immediately caught my eye. I also like the square thing lying on its side – a coffee grinder, perhaps? And the wide-bottomed pitcher looks intriguing. I would also be cautiously hopeful about the carved brown bunny. Bakelite, maybe?

    Nice lot! Please update us when it arrives!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I like the tricycle horse charm too. Hoping the wheels move which will make it more valuable. Good observation about the carved bunny. I was totally ignoring that piece. Will test it when it arrives and do an update!

      Stay safe, Karen


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