April 2, Day 17, Shelter in Place

Another perfect spring day. Finally planted the three coral bell plants that had been surviving in black plastic pots for over six months. Poor things were so root bound. Hopefully they will survive being transplanted in the ground. Tomorrow I’ll plant the dwarf euphorbia.

Two of my online purchases arrived in the mail today. The Byzantine icon is just beautiful, but I was not pleased how it was shipped. It arrived in a thin cardboard envelope with no bubble wrap or packaging around it to protect it. And I had paid for First Class Mail and it was shipped, fraudulently I might add, by the cheaper and slower Media Mail. Not very professional or ethical.

Not sure yet what I’ll list this for.

The Bohemian garnet pin is lovelier in person. I’m thinking of getting a replacement stone to repair it rather than harvesting the garnets from it.

I also received an order from Sundance Catalog. Two blouses. Of course the funny thing is that even prior to the pandemic, my life did not require a huge wardrobe. I’m not going into an office any more. My social life is limited. And now with sheltering in place there is nowhere to go! But I saw this Sundance Facebook ad for a 50% off sale on everything in their sale section. So I took a peek. And this blouse was just perfect. Years ago I had a burgundy velvet burnout blouse from Sundance in a different style and I finally got rid of it just last year because I had worn it out! Now here was its replacement.

This blouse was originally $168, marked down to $49.99 and then halved again to $24.99. What a deal! Can’t wait to wear it.

On the sourcing front, I went out of my comfort zone and bid on a lot of two 14kt gold rings and a pendant and won! (Paid $165 which includes shipping and tax.)

eBay listing photo

The best piece is the amethyst and diamond ring while the carved lapis elephant has the least value (median sold price is $45). No idea what my potential profit could be as I rarely deal in gold and diamonds but I’ll have plenty of time to research them once they arrive.

The day ended bittersweetly with a Zoom meeting with nine of us gathering to celebrate a friend who is moving soon across the country. In normal times we would have gathered over food and had a wonderful party. Sometimes a virtual hug just doesn’t cut it.

Stay safe,



  1. I’m glad the items you received were nice – they do look beautiful.
    The shirt is also a nice piece, and there will be many opportunities to wear it in the future, once life gets a bit more normal.
    Shame you couldn’t bid farewell in person to the friend moving… maybe one day you’ll catch up 🙂
    Thanks for sharing your finds!!


  2. I do so look forward to your messages! I haven’t bought or sell for several years so it is wonderful to see all you are doing. Also, have to admit it is easier than really working. I had some really good years and am enjoying more with you. Hope Spring can improve all our spirits. One good thing that has happened is that old friends and I are closer now, by computer of course.


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