Three Weeks Done

Back when this shelter in place started (initiated by very forward-thinking and brave public health doctors here in the SF Bay Area), I thought okay, this won’t be too bad. I’m normally home a lot anyway and I don’t have children or elders to care for, which I know can be exhausting. It seemed doable.

And it hasn’t been bad or particularly hard on a day-to-day level. I’ve been cooking more. Writing more. Thinking and praying more. (Trying to get to the “exercising more” part!) But I’ve also worrying more. Missing seeing friends in person and of course missing my hunting jaunts.

We have at least another three weeks of sheltering in place (as does much of the world) and I am determined to make better use of the time. On a personal level I’m going to reintroduce fasting into my routine. Going without food for a period of time gives your body the chance to naturally heal itself. I’m starting today with a 36-hour fast (which I am keenly feeling at the moment!) and then possibly I’ll go back to intermittent fasting which reduces the hour span when you can eat. (In the past I’ve eaten during a 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. window.)

This video by Dr. Mindy Pelz is both eye-opening and motivational if you’re interested in exploring fasting.

But on the business front, I need to focus on listing! Plain and simple. Get stuff in my stores. Stop procrastinating because “I don’t feel like it!” I still have plenty of goods to add and since jewelry has been selling well I’m trying to work through my backlogged jewelry pile.

One of my recent sales was this pretty enamel and carnelian pendant–a flea market find. I was pleased this found a new home.

Paid $25, sold for $75 with free shipping.

And this Victorian Aesthetic sterling locket was a piece I had acquired in a small jewelry lot from my cousin-in-law who owns a small antique store. He threw this piece in for free.

Cost $0, sold for $63 with free shipping.

So I’m trying to make the best use of this time. How about you? Are you doing anything different?

Stay safe,



  1. The thing I did differently today was to use telemedicine with my primary care provider. That was weird. Turns out, I had to go in anyway to get some blood work done and an x-ray. There was no one in the waiting room. It was practically eerie feeling like I was the only patient there.

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  2. Karen, I’ve been listing on Etsy a lot and I find that taking all the photos for the week helps…then I do all the editing at another time…and the listing details at another time…would love to hear more about what you do…good luck!


    1. Hi Debbie. It sounds like you have a good system for listing. I usually take photos for 3-4 items and then do the editing and listing on the same day. I’m trying to list at least three things a day. Which is not much and I really should push myself more! All the best, Karen


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