April 8, Day 23…Sigh!

The day started with a cup of coffee and getting ready to head out into the world for a few errands, one of which was our weekly grocery shopping. Got a lot of great stuff including a bag of yummy blood oranges, a couple of Cornish game hens and the best smelling liquid hand soap (Soapbox, Vanilla and Lily Blossom). But I flubbed up at checkout. The clerk said he couldn’t bag my groceries which was fine and as I quickly started bagging everything he said with a bit of frustration that I wasn’t supposed to be bagging in the store. Apparently the new rule is that you don’t bring your bags into the store due to possible cross contamination. Instead you load your groceries back in your cart and bag them at your car or purchase the store bags. I didn’t know…but I could see I wasn’t making any friends here.

Spent the rest of the morning putting items in my Etsy store. I finally listed this heavy Middle Eastern/Arabic/Moorish bracelet that I’ve had for over a year. My hold up–I wanted to make sure it was truly silver. I now have a silver nitric acid testing kit and it tests positive…yeah!

Also packaged up this 1950s Rialto lucite purse which sold the other day. This was a neighborhood thrift store find for $6. I sold it for $80 with free shipping. I could have sold it for much more but the top had some fogging.

Later after dinner frustrations ran a bit high in our house so I took a walk to get some alone time. I headed to our neighborhood park (two blocks away) but ended up sitting on a bench because the footpath was a little too busy for my comfort.

I was next to the roped off play structures. These donkey rides (Pericles and Niner) are based on real donkeys who live in this park. Little known fact, Pericles or Perry (a miniature donkey) was the model for the donkey in the movie “Shrek.”

On the way home I saw this perfect rose in the yard of my neighbor Agnes, a spunky nonagenarian who still walks several times a day.

Was glad to see this day end.

Day 23 done.


  1. I hope you stopped to smell that rose, too! I had to go into my doctors office twice. They have some gorgeous coral colored roses planted in front of the building. I stopped to smell them both times. Scrumptious!

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