April 9, Day 24, Grieving and Listing

What day is it anyway? Not that it matters much. Days blend and blur for those of us who are at home almost 24/7. I find myself grieving knowing that life will never return to what it once was. (Much like life after 9/11 here in the U.S.) Still I know we will meet with friends and family again. Go out for cups of coffee and glasses of wine. We will enjoy our restaurants, churches, libraries, museums and theaters. (I will happily visit my neighborhood thrift store!) Children will once again go to school. We will celebrate holidays together. We will hug. We will fill planes again. And travel to foreign climes.

But we have paid a price. People have died who shouldn’t have died. Wouldn’t have died if they had not been exposed to this virus. They died alone, struggling to breathe. That breaks my heart.

And we are still in its throes. It’s all around us. An unseen enemy. Puts so much in perspective.

I know what I do, selling vintage stuff, is not important. These little bits and bobs are just…well, bits and bobs. Certainly not necessary for existence. Still I feel that my vintage passion is part of who I am and some people find pleasure in these things too and enjoy their beauty, so with this excess of time I’m pressing into my business. Listing more. Working on my backlog.

Today I listed five things that have been in my jewelry basket for a long time. One was a large pair of turquoise and sterling silver post earrings I have owned for over 20 years. Eventually I stopped wearing earrings so I thought I’d let these go.

Another was this classic vermeil (gold plating over sterling silver) necklace. This was one of the necklaces I bought from a nun’s estate over three years ago.

I can’t even remember when I got this heavy solid silver link charm bracelet but it was years ago for sure!

Last night I bid on these two antique hand-colored prints of Scotland. Honestly, the listing photos were so dark and they provided no close ups, so this was a leap of faith.

Shopgoodwill listing photo. Would you have bought these?

I paid $21 which included the shipping so I should do okay. Just hope they really are antique and not recent dot matrix prints. Can’t wait to see them in person.

Tomorrow’s Plans in No Particular Order

  • More listing.
  • Planting a camellia that a dear friend sent me for my birthday. Just need to find the right spot as they prefer a bit of shade and no hot afternoon sun.
  • Looking into gathering food for folks in need along with others in my church.

Day 24 done. Stay well friends.

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