April 11, Day 26, And We Shall Make Pie

Watching too much news lately. Eventually I say “enough” and find something better to do. Today my something better was to make a pie from scratch. Now to most of you this may not sound like much, but for me, it was big. The last time I attempted making a pie crust I was in my 20s and it turned out so badly I haven’t tried since. Seriously. Decades have passed and I always get a store-bought crust.

But not today. I decided to give it a go. In the end my pecan pie didn’t look elegant, but it tasted okay, even the crust! After I recovered from the rigors of pie making, I made some rice pudding which we enjoyed for lunch.

Realize now though that our fridge is looking quite spartan. We’re down to a few carrots, celery, a tub of yoghurt, half a lemon and parmesan cheese. (Still have plenty in the freezer and cupboards.) I’ll make a grocery store run on Monday.

The other night I called one of our neighbors who I hadn’t seen around in a while and was happy to hear she is doing fine. An outspoken octogenarian who knows everybody on our street and all the latest buzz, we had a fun 30-minute conversation. Amongst other topics we chatted about our annual block party and our hopes to still have it this summer or early fall.

On the business front, I know some vintage resellers are inundated with orders right now. Inundated! (I’m sure having a successful YouTube channel or a great Instagram presence is a big help.) My sales, on the other hand, have been average. Not bad, but not wow either. Still, one of my more expensive items sold and that was quite exciting. It was a huge antique woven wool paisley Scottish shawl that I found that at an estate sale last May. It was a stunning piece.

Paid $40, sold for $400 plus shipping.

This coming week I’ll keep listing and maybe get to some spring cleaning. I’ve got the time!!

Tomorrow is Easter. Resurrection Sunday. I am feeling blue that I won’t be physically gathering with my church community. I have appreciated the videotaped services and all the effort the staff has put into them, but I do miss worshipping with 200 other folks. My voice sounds a little thin on its own in the kitchen! Still this is a small price to pay to stay safe.

Day 26 done.


  1. God bless you, your family, your church congregation’s social distancing observation, and your pie making effort!! This is such an unprecedented, strange, and challenging time. My hope is that when this is all over (as someday it actually will be, no matter how distant that day might seem at the moment) that we, as individuals, as a nation, and as a species, that we now see is linked around this remarkable planet as never before in history, can learn some invaluable and permanent lessons from this tribulation: what matters, what doesn’t matter, and how we are all connected in ways in which we were never before so acutely aware. I hope that we can keep alive the spirit of community, which I see blossoming all over the world. I hope that we can retain the awareness of how interconnected we all are. And I hope that we can find ways to reorganize our societies in the spirit of Matthew 25:40 – that “Whatsoever you did unto the least of these, you did for me”. I’m not a Christian, but these are such profound words. A society that lives by this spirit is the one that I want to live in.

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    1. So appreciate your comment!! Like you I hope we don’t return to “normal” when this is all over but are a better people. Kinder, more generous, more considerate. It would be wonderful to see some long-term good emerge from this scary time. Bless you, Karen

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