April 13, Day 28, Feels Longer!

Four weeks of sheltering in place. Feels longer. Well actually it is a bit longer for me because I had caught a cold right before this all started and was home bound for a few days!

Yesterday was Easter and I joined our church’s Zoom meeting. The intent was for us to be able to see each other as well as allow some folks roles like reading Scripture and sharing. We also had communion together and I used my vintage sterling silver “Only a Thimble” shot glass for the wine!

Early Monday morning I popped out for our weekly groceries. My favorite store (a small Grocery Outlet) wasn’t busy and was well stocked. Got some fresh stuff (more blood oranges, tomatoes, brussel sprouts, chicken, cheese), some frozen things (mushroom risotto and organic veggie lasagna) and a few things we didn’t really need (canned tuna, pasta and dried beans) just because it seemed prudent.

Later I packaged up four orders (which I was happy about) and ran them to the post office. Chatted a bit with Marvin, one of the clerks I’m friendly with. It’s odd though having a conversation with a face mask on. Awkward. Have you found that to be true too??

One of my Easter orders was this fabulous antique sterling silver tea strainer and stand. Vintage and antique tea strainers sell for me so I keep an eye out for them.

Paid $28 at an estate sale last May, sold for $85 with free shipping.

Today we’ve finally had a full day of sun and I spent hours outside soaking it in: pulling weeds and reading and writing on our stoop. This lovely spring day was a gift, though by mid-afternoon I felt listless. I tried to clean up my desk but didn’t make much progress. Tried to settle on something to list in my store and just couldn’t. I picked up my journal and set it back down. I ended up sitting in our living room and sighing. Finally my youngest daughter suggested we take a walk. That helped.

At night my husband and I started watching a movie but stopped midway as neither of us was enjoying it! Went to bed early with a book.

Day 28 done.


  1. The tea strainer is really lovely. Congratulations on the new sales šŸ™‚
    I hope you feel better / more inspired tomorrow… sometimes it’s just one of those days and we have to get through it.
    Keep safe!

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      1. Hello Karen,
        I’m well , thank you! Working from home and staying indoors too… so far I haven’t been feeling ‘meh’ yet, hopefully it’ll keep so šŸ™‚
        All the best. ā¤

        Liked by 1 person

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