April 22, Day 37, Feeling Useful Helps

I have a friend Anna who is a medical doctor. She noted two things about this coronavirus season that are true for her: it’s helped being super busy at work and it’s brought the staff at the hospital closer together. And I realized so many of us have the opposite situation. We are isolated, maybe with too much time on our hands and we feel useless.

I think that’s why it meant so much to me to collect some donated food for a vulnerable community in our neighborhood and help distribute it. It was a small thing. A tiny stopgap measure. And though I came home hot and tired it felt good to be useful. (Since then I’ve had more people contact me about wanting to donate food so I’ll be helping out next week too. Everyone wants to feel useful!)

The last few days have been so Spring pretty and perfect I could almost forget we are in a pandemic. Almost. Were it not for the fact that so many of my favorite places are closed. Were it not for the fact that I can’t meet up with friends. Were it not for the fact…well you understand!

I’m just thankful I am able to go outside. (I know some people who can’t.) I’m spending hours out on my stoop writing, reading and journaling…and watching ants try to maneuver a piece of walnut I’d left out for the scrub jays. Probably the most excitement I’ll get all day! Still it’s a pleasant place to hang out.

On the biz front, I got four Etsy sales on Tuesday…which is a lot for me! Nothing of great value (each from $20-$40), but the randomness of the items struck me as funny. (Doesn’t take much these days!) Both the Thai/Burmese puppet and the Dickens character plate were on sale.

I’m marking down more things as I would love to sell down some of my inventory and not have so much to store! Would be sweet to end 2020 with a lot less inventory!

I’m also spending some time thinking about the category of items I want to sell moving forward. Definitely keep on with jewelry, religious artifacts, paintings. But less china, kitchenware, sterling silver bowls and cups. I love antique sterling silver but it has less appeal now and I am not willing to sell heirloom-quality pieces for scrap! I’d rather hang onto them than have them melted down.

This small, shallow bowl is by Bigelow, Kennard & Co. These fine silver makers were out of Boston, 1863-1923.  This bowl is so fabulously detailed. Not for scrapping!!

I wanted to share one of my new YouTube favs–George, The Antique Nomad. George buys and resells antiques and has an appraiser’s knowledge. As he walks through an antique mall or flea market he shares information on a wide breadth of items. It’s a real education listening to him, plus he seems super nice.

Day 37 done.

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