April 24, Day 39, Splurge Buying

Okay, I know this will sound ridiculous and even crazy to some of you, but I miss the smell that hits you in the face when you walk into thrift and antique stores–that mixture of must and disinfectant. The smell of old stuff. But mostly I just miss walking into thrift and antique stores! And estate sales. And don’t get me started on flea markets.

So the other day I found myself on eBay searching for undervalued things to buy, trying to enjoy the thrill of the hunt. And I bought a few things, but gosh, I wasn’t very shrewd. I bought more with my heart. (Have you ever done that?)

The first item was a watercolor of an iconic San Francisco scene–two cable cars passing on a hill near Chinatown. It’s by “D. Reymond” or possibly “D. Reymono” and dated 1963. Just a charming mid-century piece. I haven’t been able to find out anything about the artist or been able to find any comps but I’m going to hang onto this for a bit anyway. Hopefully at some point I’ll learn more.

Listing photo. (Paid $62 with shipping and tax.)

The second item is a painting by Albert LeGrand. The image of a woman in red walking at sunset is a common one for him and similar paintings have sold from $24-$299.

Albert Le Grand is a contemporary French artist famous in the early 1950’s for employing a new technique of flat brush work in a diffused atmosphere giving the painting a serene and restful quality, which is embellished by his use of colors that are hazy and yet extremely definitive…His works are represented in many important collections both public and private.


I don’t like this carved frame with this painting and will separate the two when it arrives. Don’t get me wrong, I think the frame is fabulous in it’s own way but too distracting. For this painting I’m envisioning a simple black frame. But gosh between the cost of the painting (which I negotiated a little bit), the shipping (eek!) and the taxes, I’m thinking my profit margin could be tight. (Though one of his paintings is on 1stDibs for $1850…but that’s 1stDibs pricing. Usually in the stratosphere!)

Listing photo. Paid $95 with shipping and tax.

I also bought this signed Mexican folk art wood cross. I found the colors and primitiveness of it appealing and it seems a little more unique in that it’s not covered with milagros (religious charms). I’ll likely put this on our mantel for a while.

Listing photo. (Paid $27 with shipping and tax.)

I also bought a few books one of them being a decorating book–one of my fav genres (along with mysteries and memoirs). This one not only appealed to me personally, but I figured would help me both with staging my items for photo shoots and give me ideas on new types of items to look for.

While I do think I found some neat things, at the prices I paid I am unsure of the profit I’ll eventually make. I think the Albert Le Grand painting has the most potential. Time will tell!

Hope you are staying well in this uncertain time.

Day 39 done.

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