Really, I Don’t Buy Figurines!

My last two visits to my neighborhood thrift store had been a bust and I suspected this one would be too. I had been up and down my favorite aisles with no luck. On my last pass down the ceramics aisle I saw a group of little angel figurines. Not my thing. At all.

Still I picked one up. I expected to see a “made in China” foil sticker on the bottom and instead saw a Royal Copenhagen mark. Turns out three of the wee 3″ angels were made by Royal Cohenhagen and three by Bing and Grondahl, both Danish companies known for quality porcelain pieces. Well, well, well!

I forgot to put my phone in my purse so I couldn’t look up comps, but I was sure $1.69 for each was a great price! I bought them all.

Back home I was having a heck of a time researching these. Very few are currently for sale and sold stats are thin on the ground.

One of my go-to sources for pricing items like this is Alas they have pages of these figurines, but all were out of stock with no prices showing!

I found very few solds on These are similar ones below that sold for $52 in 2017.

[Editor’s Note: Sadly I just found a set of three that sold for just $12 four years ago. Not sure why the seller sold them so cheaply.]

Finding ones currently for sale was hard too. I found this one on eBay. I wasn’t expecting to see this price.

And this figurine is listed on an Australia site. The amount here would be about $41 in US dollars.

I find it odd that there seems to be so few out there. Either not many were made or not many people are letting them go!

Originally I was going to list them as a lot, but I’m thinking now I’ll sell them individually, likely for $48 each with free shipping.

I’m still not a figurine person, but I am glad I took a closer look at these!

Happy hunting,



  1. Karen, I am a collector of angel figurines! And other things angel, such as an angel wing! Even my piano students know this so at Christmas time I have received some beautiful pieces such as an angel seated at a piano with a little girl at her side. Your newly acquired angel figurines are so beautiful!

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