Good Finds at Goodwill

As some of you know my neighborhood thrift store reopened a few weeks ago and let me tell you it’s been grand going again. I’m like a kid in a candy store. Though this location is super small it does receive some fabulous donations and generally I find one or two things each visit.

My first port of call every visit is the ceramics aisle.
The metal aisle has been good to me this week!

But not always. The truth is I’ve gotten much pickier. Gone are the days I’ll buy a $3 vintage china creamer to sell for $15 or $20. For me it’s just not worth the time and effort to wash, research, list, package and ship it for such a small return after costs and fees.

But I did find some stellar items…

Brass Hare Stirrup Hunt Cups

Aren’t these great? Current listings for similar pairs range anywhere from $75 to $550. Someone on Etsy is selling a single hare cup like mine for $500! For the life of me I can’t figure out why the seller has it priced so high. This past year single cups like this have sold in the $90 range so I’ve priced my pair mine accordingly at $180.

7 Rampini Italian Pottery Plates – Tutti Frutti Pattern

I love these plates. The hand-painted fruit design is loose and wild with beautiful rich colors. Brand new each plate in this size and pattern is 35 euros (almost $40 US). One of the plates I bought has a small chip to the glaze on the rim and another has one underneath the plate, so I may just sell these as a set of five.

Listing price? Not sure yet!!

Brass Chess Pawn Piece Bookends

These simple handsome bookends were made in India (likely circa ’60s to ’80s). A neat gift for a chess or book lover. So far I’ve only found one other pair like this online so it appears they are a bit scarce. The other pair is listed at $115 with free shipping. I am listing mine at what I think is a more appropriate price.

Rampini Italian Pottery Sugar and Creamer – Tutti Frutti Pattern

The day after I bought the Rampini plates, this sugar and creamer set hit the shelves. Alrighty then!! A brand new set sells for 92 euros ($103 US). Not sure yet what I’ll list this set for, but it seems to be in perfect condition.

Artisan-Made Mark Untener Ceramic Vase/Pot

I thought this carved vase was quite striking and couldn’t leave it behind. Perfect for fall. Untener, a master ceramicist, received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Ceramics in 1980 and has made a living crafting clay ever since.

Artisan-Made Ceramic Dish

This cute little dish captivated me. It’s the kind of piece that has no specific purpose, but could be used for many things…if that makes sense! I’m thinking it could be a ring dish, a small candy dish or even used for serving olives or lemon wedges on a bar cart.

I’m going to keep this for now!

All these items came to $48, which given their profit potential I’m pleased with. And bonus, this week I’ve also found a couple of leather-bound blank journals that I will enjoy using, as well as a book for myself (Miss Read “Tales from a Village School”) and a gift for a girlfriend in the softest leather (that’s the only clue I’m giving!).

All in All

My three most-recent visits to the newly opened Goodwill have reaped a nice collection of things to sell, use and gift. Sadly I have not seen my usual thrift store gang. I miss Patty and J.J.! Hope they are both well. Both are a bit older than me and I am no spring chicken.

And of course life is tempered by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, civil unrest and racial injustice in our country. Such a sad, difficult time.

Hope you are keeping healthy and staying safe,



  1. Wow, great finds.
    Not so good in Ohio. Iโ€™ve been to 4 estate sales and about 10 yard sales and spent more on gas than items. I thought with COVID everyone had time to go through their houses and be ready to discard items, but prices are high. Sigh…

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    1. Thanks Ann. So sorry to hear about the high prices in Ohio!

      Our little Goodwill was receiving so many donations after they reopened that they had to stop for over a week because their warehouse was full. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at finding so many nice things in such a short time though. We’ll see how long it keeps up!

      All the best, Karen


  2. I love shopping in our local thrift shop just like you do. When Kris and I were still in New Zealand, you would often see me at Salvation Army and Sallies every weekend. Here in Australia, we have the same Salvation Army and Vinnies trift shops. Kris does not go as much as I do but I do find great deals in these shops. Someone’s trash can be another man’s treasure. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for following our blog too! Cheers for more thrift shop adventure. ๐Ÿ™‚

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