Finally, a Good Day at Goodwill!

I was wondering around my neighborhood thrift store, as I am wont to do on Monday mornings, and was feeling kinda chipper. I had showered, dressed nicely and even put one of my favorite big crosses. I had just dropped off six orders at the post office and was in the mood to find some good stuff at my favorite store.


First in my basket was this charming little metal Scottie dog. He’s an Art-Deco-era souvenir from the Empire State Building and has pleasing worn plating. (Who could resist him?) So far I can’t find any history on why a Scottie dog would represent the Empire State Building. Was there a Scottie mascot for the builders??

But after putting him in my basket, I went around store three times and wasn’t finding anything else. Some of you know how that is. I was literally heading up to the cash register when I spotted a cart of “new merch” that had just been rolled out. You’ve got to love those carts! It was being unloaded by one of the staff, but I made a beeline for it and tried not to get in her way or annoy her. (The Niche Lady on YouTube actually got slapped at a Goodwill by a staff member for trying to take something off a cart!)

I immediately grabbed this fantastic carved, signed wood Alaska Black Diamond totem pole titled “Seawoman.”

I’ll list this for $90, plus shipping.

I love Native American pieces and am tempted to keep it for a while! The original tag on the bottom has it priced at $98 and similar ones sell for more nowadays.

This small Black Virgin of Montserrat statue is a souvenir piece from Spain made of hand-painted stone composite. Not super old, but would make a nice addition to a home altar.

I’ll list this for $45, plus shipping.

This carved wood lacquered Asian statue caught my attention. It’s out of my wheelhouse and a bit of a wild card. It’s surprisingly heavy (two pounds) and has fine details. I think it has a little age, but is not an antique. Possibly a woman because of the hair and headdress but gosh, I’m not sure. Maybe Guan Yin, the Bodhisattva associated with compassion and often compared with the Virgin Mary? Whoever she is, she looks very serene though a bit dusty! (I’ll need to give it a wipe.)

Not sure what her price will be yet.

The last thing I grabbed was this Waterford crystal vase in the Clara pattern. I keep telling myself “no more crystal” but I’m a sucker for Waterford. It’s on sale at for $80, so I’m pricing mine a bit lower.

I’ll list this for $60 plus shipping.

In the end, the five items cost me $35. I was so thrilled to walk out with a full bag of good things. It’s been a long, long, long time since I’ve been able to do that. Many days I walk out empty handed or if I’m lucky one or two things.

So it was a little bit of fun (and excitement) in what has been a summer largely devoid of fun. But despite the lack of fun I have had many moments of thankfulness and gratitude, which seems infinitely more important.

Happy hunting in this challenging season,


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