“Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall” Vintage Decor Changes

It doesn’t look much like autumn where I live in California, but it is and I’m am glad for it. Eventually temps will cool. Leaves will change. And the rains will come.

I don’t decorate for the seasons or holidays, other than Christmas, but I do like to switch things up in our house a little as the weather and light changes, and by “a little” I do mean a little! But I have found with just a few small changes, rooms can garner a different mood and capture the imagination again. So I’ve been looking in cupboards, closets and on shelves for items that may be tucked away, but suit this time of year in the Northern Hemisphere.

Here’s what I’m looking for:

  • items with rich autumnal colors
  • pottery with interesting textures
  • warm metals (brass, bronze, copper)
  • wooden items
  • things that give a nod to the season without being too literal.

So far I have put away my summery blue and white cotton throw and brought out one of my vintage woven wool paisley throws. It’s lightweight but surprisingly warm.

I’ve set out more candlesticks, like my antique brass beehive ones which have a lovely patina, and I’ll make sure I have plenty of pure beeswax candles on hand. (My go to source: Bluecorn Beeswax out of Colorado.) There is something about sitting in candlelight that calms my soul and is perfect for the longer nights.

These antique children’s books were shelved in my family room but beg to be displayed in some way. Not sure how yet! Ideas??

The colors in these polished marble balls are perfect for fall and I pulled them out of a cupboard where I had tucked them away this past spring. (These were an under-$10 thrift-store find.)

And I think this antique inlaid box, which I use as a jewelry box in my bedroom, seems perfect to add a bit of autumnal ambience. I might display this on our coffee table.

The only real fall-ish decor I own is a collection of five small ceramic pumpkins made by a local artisan that I bought over a period of years. I didn’t buy them as fall decorations, but merely because I liked them. I definitely give them prominence at this time of year!

I’ll also give this little burnished pottery vase more visibility, though I’m not sure where yet.

Here’s my living room mantel so far. I decided to put one of the pumpkins with the Spanish Alley painting (listed at $75) and the folk art metal camel (listed at $50). Wildly different items held together by an autumn color.

I didn’t have to pull out anything for the arrangement below. The mid-century modern abstract painting was already on my mantel and the artisan-made pottery vase was a recent Goodwill find. I adore its rich texture and and color. And I decided to add the mod brass bowl I found last week to add a hint of light and shine.

Haven’t decided on the rest yet, but it’s rather fun because these are all things I already own and adore. And as you can imagine most of the items I’m finding are vintage or antique and I dip shamelessly into store inventory!

For inspiration, I’ve been scouring online photos and have found some fabulous spaces–like this black and white room. They’ve added a few fall-tone pillows and an orange throw and voila, it says autumn.

Photo from Momooze.com.

This minimalist room is ready for fall with some pops of color. While I’m not a huge fan of silk leaves, I do like the collection of little pumpkins on the coffee table (barely seen here) and the warm-colored pillows.

I am drooling over these book shelves and this living room which inclines itself to autumn with the orange sofa, owl watercolor and terracotta pottery.

I’ll finish tinkering in a few days or so. Would love to hear if you decorate for the seasons and what that entails.

All the best,


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