Free Jewelry…from a Friend!

Getting good, free stuff to resell is always a blessing in this business. There are so many costs and fees in reselling vintage things that to be honest I’d do loads better financially if I focused on my writing career instead. But frankly I don’t have the energy, drive or interest to hustle for freelance jobs, but put me in a thrift store or flea market and my adrenaline flows!

A few weeks ago my hunt took me to a friend’s house. She had a collection of jewelry she was willing to part with and wondered if I wanted any for my Etsy store…for free. I was thrilled to take a look!

Here are a few of the pieces I took…

This longer polished agate bead necklace, likely circa 1950-1970, is not uncommon or particularly on trend, but there are folks who will appreciate the natural beauty of these stones in lovely fall hues.

I knew this mid-century enamel Trifari bee pin was a winner. Can’t you picture it on the lapel of some smart 1950s navy jacket?

I listed this for $40 and it sold in 30 minutes!

This cool scimitar pin is sterling silver and 3 inches long. Wouldn’t it look cool on a hat?

This handmade necklace features carved tagua nuts and what are likely turquoise nuggets (they are not dyed howlite).

These handmade roadrunner sterling silver post earrings are a bit of fun.

I’ll list these for $24.

She was also getting rid of this lovely vintage Asian-inspired wood jewelry box with three satin-lined drawers. The veneer is in great condition as are the brass drawer pulls and decorative elements. I need to do a bit more research, but typically these sell for $50-$70.

It was like Christmas. A nice boost in a tough season. But the best part was seeing my friend face to face and getting to catch up on our lives. (Thank you JoDee for being you!) Phone calls, emails and Zoom meetings are no match for seeing each other in person.

Continued happy hunting,


P.S. I’ve got quite a few things on sale if you’d like to take a peek.

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