Last Thrift Haul of 2020…Maybe!

After four days of staying home because of the pandemic I was itching to get out of the house. I took a shower, put on real clothes and headed over to my little neighborhood thrift store where I wandered around for 30 happy minutes. It never ceases to amaze me that every time I go out sourcing it still feels like a treasure hunt. It hasn’t gotten old yet. When it does, I’ll stop!!

And I did find a few things, most were on new-merch carts and hadn’t even been shelved yet! That is the best. Stuff no other buyer has looked at (or at least very few!).

Here’s one that didn’t excite me in the least but I knew would sell and make a profit…a vintage Royal Copenhagen duck (#1192) porcelain figurine. Just not my thing. But in the past I have done well with Royal Copenhagen figurines so it was silly to pass it up.

I’ll list this at $60.

My Two Cents: I generally buy anything Royal Copenhagen, but I don’t buy Lenox (not enough demand or resale value) and no more Belleek. It just lingers forever for me! I will buy Wedgwood Jasperware if it’s older and/or more unique…like the tri-color pieces. Forget about those little light blue trinket dishes, boxes and plates.

My favorite item was hidden on one of the carts but when I saw a corner of it I got excited. It was a small, mid-century modern enamel on copper trinket dish. I didn’t need to do any research on this in the store to know it was worth buying. These have been on my radar for a while! It was grand to find one out in the wild.

There’s a whole lot of MCM coolness here! I’ll list this for $40.

At home I removed the price tag to find a maker’s mark: VNF and Made in Italy. All the better!!

My Two Cents: Mid-century modern stuff is STILL hot. I’m always on the lookout for MCM pottery. Spotted some vases in estate sale photos earlier this year. Got all excited till I found out they were selling these Italian Gambone pieces for $800 and $600. Was there meat on the bone? Maybe, but it was too rich for me, particularly as this is not an area of expertise.

The one I should have left behind was a vintage Syroco resin pipe stand/ashtray with a Native American/pine motif. Turns out it should have a glass insert and likely a lid and they really aren’t worth that much. Well poop!

I’ll likely list this for $18.

I also bought a bag of vintage Italian plaster nativity pieces. They all seemed to be in good condition and at 50% off was worth the gamble. (Surprisingly they were on the new-merch cart too.)

Sadly two of the wise men had been repaired (a decapitation and an arm injury), though the damage isn’t too noticeable. But not sure if they are worth selling as a lot. They are definitely wabi sabi.

I did put Mary, Jesus, Joseph and the angel as one lot.

Listed for $30.

I think the shepherd might be a good standalone piece. He could also be a young David a few years before his battle with Goliath.

My Two Cents: Oddly, individual nativity pieces sell. Baby Jesus is particularly popular. I don’t hesitate to buy single pieces or incomplete sets if they are older, have character and are not made in China…and of course priced right!

So not a huge haul but it never is. (Paid about $20 for everything.) And I got out for a bit which was the main thing!

Just before Christmas I did find one other item that I thought was great…a large vintage woven ikat textile, possibly from Indonesia or Guatemala. Love the colors in this! It could be used as a tablecloth, a twin bedspread or as fabric to make pillows. It has a few pinholes along with natural slubs from the weaving process but nothing egregious.

I have this listed at $75.

My Two Cents: Quality fabric and textiles generally don’t sell quickly for me, but it’s an area of interest and one that has been long-tail profitable. Plus they are easy to store and ship!

I’m hoping to have all of these listed and available when I re-open my Etsy store January 1st.

Other than going out for groceries, I have no other plans to be out and about this week. (Trying to minimize my Covid exposure risk.) But if I get too antsy I may head out again to do a little thrifting and antiquing.

Would love to hear about your end-of-year finds!


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