Day 1 – “Letting Go” Because It’s Time

If you read my last post you know I ended it talking about Swedish death cleaning and feeling the need to let go of more possessions at this point in my life. Even though the book hasn’t arrived yet I decided there’s no time like the present. Of course, this “letting go” process is trickier because of my vintage business. I can decide I no longer want to own the item personally, but may choose to try and sell it in one of my online stores, which means it will still be here somewhere on our property! Not ideal. Still at least emotionally I will be divested of it and the house will hopefully start to look less maximalist!

I started with a sentimental item, which according to the decluttering/downsizing experts (like Marie Kondo) is absolutely the wrong place to start. Still I’ve been thinking about this item a lot as it is sadly sitting on my closet floor. I inherited this jewelry box from my aunt’s estate (my uncle had given it to her decades ago) and had it shipped from NY to CA. And for a time I used it on my nightstand. And then I didn’t. And while I think it is sweet, it just isn’t my style. It’s a heavy, pink stone composite (Incolay) box in the fancy “Marie Antoinette” pattern with lovers, cupids and ribbons. Neither of my daughters want it, and I realize I should move it along to someone who will love it. (I’ll be listing this in my Chairish store, Cloak & Dagger Vintage.)

It’s 9″ square and weighs over 8 pounds. I’ll list it in the $200 range.

Next I randomly decided to start gathering up the ceramic vases/weed pots I’ve bought over the years. Some were bought at my city’s annual clay and glass festival for myself, others were thrift store finds bought with the intent to resell them. But I’ve hung onto them for a while now and there are too many! One of the things I learned from a professional organizer on the TV show “Hoarders” is to gather ALL like items together to decide what to keep and what to get rid of. So I added vases of other materials (sterling, crystal and alabaster) to the ceramic group to get the full picture of what I had.

Holy smokes!!

There were more than I imagined. And some really nice interesting bits.

Okay, it’s time to put on my big girl pants and make some decisions.

My Keepers

There were a few that I knew right off the bat I wanted to keep and I pulled these together to one side.

There is the “Artisan” studio pottery group. Fabulous thrift store finds that I just adore for their unique shapes, textures and colors.

The total cost for all three was $11!

Here’s the “Glam” group, which strangely is also the “Working” group. I’ve owned (and used) all of these for years. The biggest one is a Bohemian crystal vase and looks grand with long-stemmed flowers. (This was an eBay find from more than a decade ago that I negotiated to $95. Still I wondered if I’d paid too much. But the reality is I have loved and used this vase all these years…so it’s been worth it!) The two smaller white porcelain cherub vases were purchases from the Metropolitan Museum of Art and look charming overflowing with wildflowers. The sterling silver vase is touchingly engraved “In loving memory of Elizabeth Green, Member of Sophomore Class of 1928, May 3, 1915 – June14, 1929. Presented to Dorothy A. Pender, Outstanding Sophomore, 1934 – 1935, by Elizabeth’s Parents.” Doesn’t that just make you weep!

The Ones to Sell

Gosh this is hard because some of these I really like. But it’s time.

Yes, I’m letting go of this wonderful MCM Otagiri Japan chrysanthemum vase.

I’ll be listing this for $28.

And this small textured MCM Westraven Utrecht vase from the Netherlands.

Listed for $24.

This little signed weed pot was nearly in My Keepers pile. So close!

I’ll list this for $24.

I think I’ll put these three together in an autumnal lot. Two are artisan made and one is a charming burnished pot likely from Mexico.

I’ll list this lot for $48.

So I have lots of photography and listing work ahead of me and then these will get stored in one of my inventory bins.

To Donate

This group will grow as I sort through more of my sell pile. I want to move more out and it would be cool to help some charity.

Moving Forward

In the following days and weeks, with all of the categories of items, I want to make quick decisions. Honest decisions. Tough decisions.

Will keep you posted.


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  1. These pots are pretty. I have never heard of weed pots before but I like the look of them. Items that are part of a ‘collection’ are probably the next most difficult to get rid of, so kudos to you. I am enjoying reading about your minimalism, as well as your thrifting.


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