March Life and Biz Update

It dawned on me the other day that we are just a few days away from the anniversary of the first Covid lockdown in California. In mid-March 2020, we were told by county health officials that we had to shelter in place for three weeks and I thought, “Holy smokes, that’s a long time. We’ll go crazy!” 

Now I laugh at my naivete of the situation and never would have imagined at how 2020 would enfold. And here we are a year later and it struck me how tired I feel sometimes–mentally, emotionally and physically. Is it the same for you? But I am hopeful as new Covid cases continue to decrease and vaccinations increase that we will have a more normal year. We are all ready for that!

On the business side of things my Etsy store sales have been steady this year. Not booming, but steady. And as I work towards downsizing more stuff in our house (inspired by my new “The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning” book) I’ve been finding things worth listing.

Like these two Giorgio Ferrari numbered prints of Paris. I bought these from Shopgoodwill over a year ago and was enchanted by the images. But I have too much artwork in the house and decided I could put these in my store. These are professionally double matted and framed.

This is my favorite image with the sliver of moon.

I also started listing all the pottery vases/weed pots from my last post. I put some in groupings. I thought these three looked handsome together.

And as my over abundance of books came under my downsizing spotlight and I found a few worth listing too like this illustrated “Introduction to Human Anatomy” textbook from 1941 which seems to do well. I got this one free at the end of 2020. (It was used by a student who attended Yale University School of Nursing in 1944.)

I decided to let go of this beautiful little pottery dish which makes me smile with its whimsical flowers and little bee.

Found this small Wallace sterling silver frame in a drawer. Since I had no plans to use it, it was the perfect candidate to sell.

But finding all this good stuff in our house means I don’t need to go out sourcing…which is tough because it’s one of the best parts of my week! I haven’t fully stopped but I have cut way back. I’ve needed to! Which often makes me wonder how other vintage resellers deal with buying hundreds of items every week!! I know a few have separate buildings to store things and some have employees to help, but still….

Just to be honest I have found a few things at neighborhood thrift store over the last week or so (couldn’t totally stop going!), like these absolutely fabulous vintage European nesting wood blocks with cute images. I would have loved these for my daughters when they were little. They have sweet images on each side.

Listed for $40.

And I found this handsome, heavy onyx candleholder. One end holds a tea light candle and the other a taper! I adore things made of natural stone and this one has interesting colors and striations.

And today, on a super busy Saturday morning, I found a lone butter knife, but it was sterling silver 1895 Gorham in the Chantilly pattern. Was hoping to find more pieces but didn’t. It is monogramed with “S” but is in pretty good condition for being 126 years old! I may have to check back in the next few days to see if more pieces appear!

Paid $2.79. Not sure what I’ll list this for yet.

I took a pass on the good-sized silver plate pedestal bowl with applied grapes from Homan Mfg. It was an over-the-top piece that I thought someone would appreciate, but priced at $15.19. Ten years ago it sold for $30. Would it sell for more now to make it worth my while? I just wasn’t feeling it!

Took a pass on this.

So I am plugging away, both at my store and life, but considering taking a mini retreat sometime in the near future. Maybe in April. Just me. Hitting the road for a few days. Something to think about!!

Hope all is well in your world,



  1. These wooden blocks are lovely. I have a vintage set styled differently that has the hedgehog image but none of the other images seem to overlap. I wonder if it was the same company. I love seeing matches like this.

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