Already Thinking About the Holidays

With summer dwindling down, I have already started thinking about the holidays. Last year because of the pandemic holiday festivities were scaled back or non-existent. There were no holiday parties. No carol services. And my eldest who lives 40 miles away decided not to come over on Christmas day out of an abundance of caution. Even our tree languished and was totally dry and droopy days before Christmas. I’m not sure if this year will be much better, but I’m hopeful!!

But I’ve also thinking about the holidays because I want my online stores to be ready. I’ve ordered some of my basic shipping supplies and I am thinking about what promotions and sales I may run during the season. And of course I am always trying to find interesting bits to add to my stores.

Here are a few things I bought recently from my neighborhood thrift store…

I am fond of vessels made of stone and this simple pot made of alabaster or onyx was right up my alley. And bonus, these items strike a chord with buyers. I’ve sold many marble/onyx vases, bookends and bowls over the years.

This small, plain pot/vase is not worth much on its own so I may wait till I have some companion pieces.

Paid $5.09.

With its warm honey color it would look perfect with a battery-operated votive candle tucked inside and it’s small enough to be placed almost anywhere a bit of ambiance is needed.

I walked past this set several times before seeing it. It’s not my kind of thing, but I turned it over and it was Villeroy & Boch. BINGO! This German company (always on my BOLO list) has been around since 1748 and produces desirable, high-quality items. This individual teapot and cup set (which looks unused) is in their French Garden Fleurence pattern. So far I’ve only found one for sale and it was priced at $99.

I paid $15.69. I’ll list it for $85 plus shipping.

Keeping with the quality-brand theme I found these two signed crystal items. The tiny bud vase is by Rogaška out of Slovenia. (Slovenia! Dang, I wasn’t even sure where that was and had to look it up.) But it turns out Rogaška has been producing crystal for 350 years! And this vase is as cute as can be.`

And this mini creamer is a sweet Waterford piece. Lately I’ve been finding quite a bit of Waterford at my thrift store. I don’t find these pieces particularly exciting, but they are desirable and high quality.

I also liked this Mexican sacred heart wood cross with milagros. It is crudely made, but has charm. I am drawn to religious items and others are too. It’s one of the popular categories in my store.

It’s perfect for a personal altar.
I will list this for $35.

So no jaw-dropping scores, but a nice selection of “bread and butter” items. And this past week it was the “bread and butter” items that sold!

These items ended up in my NO, NO, NO pile…

Purses sell for me, though they are definitely long tail and I’m trying to be pickier these days. I wanted to buy this super soft leather Fossil purse, but it was $20.59 and had minor wear. As a resale item, it needed to be less expensive and/or pristine.

I left this behind. [It was still there several days later.]

I was tempted by this printed paisley wool shawl, but spotted these two clumsy repairs…making this a “no go” at $5.89.

I got excited about this 1950s “Go to the Head of the Class” Series 9 board game but it was unpriced. I brought it up to the counter and the manager said, “Oh, I remember. This is $29.” I had to have her repeat the price. WTH…$29! I told her I wouldn’t take it then. Normally they price board games (of any age) between $5 and $8. And no, this isn’t a super rare game–there are a number of these listed online, most priced $25 to $30.

Photo from an eBay listing.

I’ll close for now hoping these last few weeks of summer are good ones for you.

Happy hunting,



  1. I am not religious in the least, but that cross is really something! It’s beautiful and I think I’d buy it just for that if I saw it. Onyx is very pretty. As a child I loved having the little Mexican carved animals, like donkeys in onyx.
    The was things are going COVID wise, I wonder if Christmas will be any different from last year, even with vaccines. I’m (Oregon) are once again under mask mandates for both indoors and outdoors if not able to distance. We have more cases daily than last year.

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    1. Lisa, I have to admit while I am trying to be hopeful about Christmas, I know it still won’t be a normal one with all the usual activities. Still I am thankful that my friends and immediate family members are all vaccinated and we’ll have a bit more freedom to be together.

      All the best,

      P.S. I have one of those little onyx carved donkeys that was a gift when I was in college!


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