Finally, Back on the Hunt…

It felt good going into my neighborhood thrift store the other day, even though my last four visits in December were a bust! I am ready to dive back into my normal life and walked into the store with a jaunty step and a smile under my mask!

Right away I spotted this Italian Deruta majolica pottery sugar/grated cheese lidded bowl. Deruta does well for me and this particular bowl has a fresh, country kitchen appeal.

Listed for $58. (New Deruta sugar bowls sell for $90 to $130.)

I also liked this vintage crystal perfume bottle. Haven’t found a maker’s mark but it’s a nice thing, quite heavy with just the tiniest bit of damage. Listed at $45.

I could also see it being used as a mini vase for a few blossoms or for potpourri sticks to freshen a room.

Photo credit: Bloomingdales

And four small antique hand-colored prints by William Tombleson (1795-1846) jumped into my basket. They are part of his “Views of the Thames and Medway,” circa 1830s. (Isn’t it wild to think these are almost 200 years old and found at a thrift store??) They look so English manor house to me and while not valuable or particularly on trend, I think they will sell.

According to one site (Ash Rare Books), these prints were steel engraved and later hand colored. Each has a fanciful border around the image. Ash has a number of the same prints listed for sale, though unframed, and it gave me a good idea of how I wanted to price them. (Sold prices on Worthpoint vary wildly.) Ash has this Westminster Bridge (above) priced the highest. They have it listed at 75 UK pounds (approx. $102 US dollars). I’ve listed mine for $68. We’ll see how it does.

Here are closeups of two others. (I will list these together for $80.)

Nuneham Courtenay, Oxon, Lord Hardcourts
Hampton Court Bridge

Turns out the fourth one has some damage and I will not try to sell it.

So not a lot, but all good items and it felt grand to be “doing my thing.”

Good News for Vintage Sellers

I’ve been reading 2022 design trend articles–from Country Living to Vogue to The Spruce–and amongst the different trends they envision I found a few common threads. One being that the pandemic has made the comfort, beauty and functionality of our homes all the more important and that will continue. (Early in the pandemic I sold a few pieces of artwork to folks who told me they were buying them for their home office.) But another trend is the renewed adoration of vintage stuff!

Whenever I can use vintage, I will. From a design standpoint, vintage is the protagonist of every room—it has the power to influence the storytelling and direction. Their patina brings a touchable texture and warmth to every space, not to mention a sacred sentimentality. But aside from their decorative propensity, these rare antiquities are stylishly sustainable. By repurposing the old, the damaged, the jagged into something new, we’re reducing our footprint while bringing a rich sense of history and spirit into a space.

Athena Calderone, Vogue

Yes, there is something special about older items. They have the ability to give a room soul and intrigue.

Don’t you love all the fun vintage bits in this photo??
Photo credit: Country Living magazine.
Photo credit: unknown

So I’m hoping as many folks continue to spend more time at home that they will keep feathering their nests with vintage and antique goodies!

Happy hunting and stay safe during the winter storms and never-ending pandemic,


P.S. Lots of items are on sale in my Etsy store…take a peek!


  1. I too find it amazing that things a hundred or more (more now, since 100 doesn’t sound so old now that I’m older!) are in thrift stores. Mostly, I’m surprised by finding 100 year old dishes or porcelain figures without chips! I break things, so to think someone could keep a cake plate or tiny china dog around without damage is hard to imagine! And that they get donated, where the employees/volunteers are less than gentle, and still are unbroken!

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