A Time for Everything…

As I started writing this post the song “Turn, Turn, Turn” by The Byrds ran through my head. Remember that one?! Now it’s probably running through your head…you can thank me later!! 😆

Time to Jettison

I enjoy going through my things from time to time to see if there are things I can jettison, so to speak. I peruse my collections, clothes, books, memorabilia, decorations, jewelry, artwork, photos, etc. Everything is fair game. Everything.

And my decision-making process is simple—I look at an item and ask myself “Do I still want to keep this?” There are no additional questions, like “Does this spark joy?” or “Have I worn it this past year?” If I still want to keep it, I do. If I don’t, it gets added to one of my online stores or put on a donate pile. So simple.

Today I let go of a little vintage porcelain tip tray from a famous French restaurant. I was using it to corral some rings on my dresser, but realized it meant very little to me. Yes, I have been to Paris a long (long) time ago now but we had never eaten at this restaurant. So, there you go.

And I decided I could part with a sterling silver WWI-era cigarette case that was presented to Sgt. W. O. Smith in Simla [India] in 1919! It was part of a tobacciana collection that I’ve been slowly downsizing. But it is a little heartbreaking. W. O. Smith has likely been gone from this world for a long time and I wonder why his children and grandchildren didn’t want this. Or maybe he didn’t have any. Oh dear.

A few days ago I decided to part with this handsome antique oak two-drawer file listing it in my Chairish store. This has been on our dresser for years holding bits and bobs, but it’s big and I’ve decided to let it go.

I also listed a neat hand-painted Paris MCM ceramic vase I had bought for myself years ago, but hardly used it. I still like it, but realized it was time to find it a new, more appreciative home as it spent too much time in a cupboard.

Time to Keep

But I’m definitely keeping my 1850s (slightly bashed) coin silver Fannie mug bought on Chairish in November 2021 for $90. It makes a perfect little vase for flowers from my garden. And there is something about this piece that touches me. Well, it’s the history. Imagining who it originally belonged to all those years ago and all the hands it’s gone through since then. And it’s not so precious that I need to worry about damaging it.

And this small brass pedestal bowl from Korea with a brutalist/primitive-stamped pattern was one I bought in September 2020 (paying $4.79) for my Etsy store, but I just haven’t wanted to list it. It’s been in my living room ever since and I change its contents throughout the year. Right now it’s holding vintage snapshots. At Christmastime it held some small ornaments. This fall it might have colorful leaves or maybe some candy.

Time to Hunt

I love flea market day and I left the house yesterday morning in a happy hunting mood. I came home that way too! I didn’t buy much. Honestly I barely bought anything, so on that front it was a bit of a fail. But it was a gorgeous day and I chatted with a number of sellers and thoroughly enjoyed myself.

The first item I bought was this heavy tinned copper bowl that I believe is from Turkey or Armenia. [Edit: One of my dear readers Lisa has shared that this bowl might be Egyptian and the writing around the edge is Arabic.] It has age and has been used, loved and repaired. It’s wabi-sabi nature won’t appeal to everyone, but there is something about it’s humbleness and decades of wear (and repair) that touched me. Similar bowls are currently priced online from $25 to $650! I haven’t found any with a deer motif or writing along the edge. (Wish I knew what it said!)

I’ll list this for $80.

I really liked this big Celtic-looking pin/pendant in 950 silver, but it is thin and rather primitive. Which is not necessarily bad, but it might take longer to find a buyer. Or maybe not. I’ve been wrong before!

In the end I decided to buy it because it was high-grade silver and had a raft of other marks, but I did pay a bit more than I wanted given that it’s so light. Now to figure out these marks! [Edit: Turns out this is a brooch by Zolotas Jewelers in Greece. These brooches can do quite well! I have it listed for $75.]

My favorite item was this 1930s Chinese export necklace made of copper, bone and enamel. The seller is one I have bought from before and she always charges fairly (I have gotten some amazing deals from her) and is sweet as can be. She wanted $30 for it and I knew that was reasonable as these necklaces can sell for $100+ so I didn’t try to negotiate. My husband thinks I’m a softie, and he’s right, but when the price is fair, it’s fair. I’m not going to beat someone down on price. That’s not who I am.

I’ll list this for $125.

In Closing

Yes, it’s all just stuff. Stuff. Not particularly valuable or important but interesting. Unique. Things that make a home a home. Most of what I buy and sell takes time to find a buyer. That’s the reality. And I’ve learned to be okay with that.

Wishing you happy hunting,



  1. Could the tin/copper bowl be Egyptian? I have a rimmed plate with a ring of deer that are quite similar. I always assumed it was Egyptian because my uncle was (married to my father’s sister) and for a while my parents thought of going into business with him, importing Egyptian goods. Oh, the number of Egyptian bowls, and ashtrays, and boxes etc. that we used to have! My grandmother also visited them in Egypt and brought back more things. If you email me I can sent you a photo to compare if you like. Mine is discolored exactly like yours, with silver and brown! Pretty green on the bottom from the copper, I guess.
    Do you have the Google Lens app on your phone? It can pick up and translate text off almost anything.

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