Start of the Summer Sales Slowdown??

After weeks of healthy sales in my Etsy store, they’ve dried up to a trickle. Drat! It may be the start of the dreaded summer sales slowdown. And it IS a real thing. Big-box stores experience it too. People are out and about enjoying the weather and not buying as much. And lately the things that are selling for me are the lower-value, under-$30 pieces. These inexpensive items keep many of our small vintage businesses alive so I don’t totally eschew them when out sourcing.

Here are a few lovelies I found at my neighborhood thrift store over the last week. I paid a bit more for some of them than I wanted to. (Sadly pricing at my Goodwill store keeps going up. And while I can’t fault them for wanting to make more $$, some items don’t sell and end up being taken off the shelf and going to the bins or landfill. I keep thinking wouldn’t the better option be to price things lower and have more sell!)

First I spotted this antique hand-painted Nippon creamer. Not my taste, but it is in good condition and I know someone will appreciate this.

Pieces marked “Nippon” were made from 1891 to 1921, however since the 1980s Chinese reproductions of Nippon pieces have been popping up. Repros have thicker walls than the originals and the marks on the bottom are the bigger. Thankfully I have been able to establish that mine is a true antique.

From RealorRepro website

And then I spotted this creamy beaded clutch…a perfect wedding accessory.

I wouldn’t have bought it except for this label. It’s a Walborg purse hand-made in Belgium.

Beaded purses don’t sell quickly for me and again, this one is not valuable. Still it is a quality vintage item in beautiful condition.

I adore vintage ashtrays and this 1970s ceramic one is a beauty. In the retro home this would look great on a coffee table.

In the past I’ve sold several similar wrapped stone necklaces so I didn’t hesitate picking up this one. They have an earthy, Boho/hippie vibe. This one of agate and possibly carnelian stones has a pretty autumn color palette.

I also bought an intriguing bit of art–a small, professionally framed lithograph of Italian landmarks. Double matted, the inner mat is olive green while the tan mat has a linen-type covering which is definitely more expensive. While the frame and matting are not super old…likely in that last 30 years or so, the print is much older.

Will list for $65.

Each of the five, slightly moody images are small (1 5/8″ by 1 1/4″) and while the lithograph’s identifying marks (artist and engraver) are hidden under the mat, I date this to the 1800s.

Alas I have never been to Italy, though I would love to, and wish these landmarks meant something to me.

So no big scores. Nothing that had me dancing in the aisles. But a good variety of nice vintage items that I could list at a price point that many folks can afford.

Wishing you happy hunting,


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