Home Alone…and Loving It

My youngest daughter who lives at home just started a new in-person job. It’s starting off part time which suits her fine. But it was strange seeing both my husband and daughter leave for work the other day and knowing I would have the house to myself…all day!!

This hasn’t happened in a long time. And this was a day that I had planned on staying home with no errands, no sourcing, no running around so it felt like a gift. Isn’t that strange? I love my family and yet there is something about being alone in the house which is so peaceful and lovely that it almost feels decadent.

Mind you I still did plenty of work! Listed a number of items on Etsy. Packaged a book for the mail. Worked in the yard for over an hour grubbing out scrubby volunteer plants and dead ferns. (I think the irrigation lines must have gotten disconnected.) Put on my executor’s hat to try and make progress with paying off my brother’s car loan so I can finally sell his car. Talked to my youngest bro for a bit. (Our 91-year-old dad lives with him in Tennessee and I get an update on how he’s doing. Sadly, sometimes what dad wants to do now doesn’t jive with what he is physically capable of doing. Bless his heart, he wants to go fishing and blueberry picking in the wilds of Ontario, Canada, like he has in the past.)

On the store front, I was delighted that a quirky glass figurine/paperweight I bought last month for $10 (and sold for $80 a few days ago) has been added to the buyer’s wonderful collection.

Here’s the cute photo the buyer added to her review. It fit right in!

And that’s another gift…when the things I sell end up with the perfect person!

And the wonderful Bawo & Dotter Limoges demitasse china teacup and saucer just sold. I am not a teacup person, so this was a particularly unusual find for me. It reminds me that I really should learn about teacups!!

Paid $3.59, sold for $75.

Both of those items were bought at my neighborhood thrift store this year. Good stuff is still showing up on the shelves occasionally, but it continues to be a bit of a mad house whenever I go. I tend to do a super quick tour of my favorite aisles to see what jumps out at me first and then go back through things more carefully.

A few days ago I bought this vintage handmade oak index card file box. Perfect for recipe cards (Chex Party Mix anyone??), but useful for other things too.

I like that it is simple, solid and sturdy. I could see this used on a desk to corral things like post-it notes, paperclips, and flash drives or on a hall table for keys and coins.

I love a good vase and this carved pottery one has a great graphic look. Signed “Miri” it doesn’t match any of the Miri pottery marks/styles I’ve looked at so far.

I also continue to look through my own items to downsize and decided to part with this 1936 English sterling silver medal made by George Kenning & Sons. It was for first place in a novice vocal championship! I used to wear it on my blazers but haven’t for years.

This vintage Gorham sterling silver creamer is one I have used for years, but I have more creamers than I need. It has a few tiny dents, but otherwise is the perfect small creamer.

And I’ve decided it’s the perfect year to list this Queen Elizabeth coronation teacup and saucer (Royal Grafton bone china). I did watch some of the Jubilee events last week and thought it was grand fun seeing all the pomp and circumstance…and of course Prince Louis being a typical four-year-old!

Today I have more gardening projects. It’s surprising that even with a very small yard there are always plants that need to be pruned, deadheaded, watered, fertilized. It’s rather never ending in the summer. Still I enjoy being outside and feel blessed to have a bit of yard to tend to.

Here’s the spot I tackled two days ago. Wish I taken a “before” photo showing the tangle of mangy and half-dead plants that were there. Only a couple of the ferns were worth saving. I have a bit more work here and then will look at replanting with plants that tolerate dry shade. Perhaps something with a bit of color.

I’ll close for now wishing you happy hunting,



  1. How amazing there are enough of those quirky glass faces to make a collection! I’ve never been a tea cup person, and am amazed how much you got for that one!
    My youngest still lives at home, and was away visiting my oldest on the other coast last week. Such a quiet house! Ate what only I wanted. And I didn’t have to put on a robe to walk down the hall after a shower! The dog missed him more than I did, I think…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Lisa. Some tea cups sell in the hundreds of $$$ which amazes me. (Haven’t found one of those yet!)
      You cracked me up with the “no robe”! I’m glad you enjoyed your alone time!


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