“Mr. DeMille, I’m Ready for My Closeup”

A sweet friend and fellow thrifter just sent me her tickets to a local filming of “Antiques Roadshow” that occurs in one day. Oh boy! So now I’m all a-fluster trying to figure out the best two items to bring. They can’t be too big or too heavy and they have to be ones where I really want/need more information.

The venue is one of my favorites, Filoli gardens and mansion in Woodside, CA. Over the years I have visited many times, in many seasons. It is always a delight. Always.

So what to bring??? Here’s one option…this brass Asian dragon boat with standing men. It’s quite detailed, heavyish (over three pounds), 13″ long and rather amazing. I could never find another like it online. Is it something special? Or not? Might be worth taking! (Bought on ebay for $25 including shipping.)

Here’s another item…this antique cast iron bank of a bear stealing a pig, possibly made by A.C. Williams. I’ve had him listed online for a while with no nibbles. Be good to get more information and know what he’s worth nowadays. (Bought for $30 in an antique store in NY.)

I’ve read through all the rules and the procedure we’ll go through. To be honest it rather sounds like it will be a long, tedious, hot afternoon, but it will be a unique experience! Fun to see it happening in person. And of course there are the select few who get featured on TV.

If an appraiser thinks your treasure would make an interesting TV segment, he or she will call for a producer to see if your items should be taped for the show. If selected, you’ll be escorted to the Green Room, where you’ll have make-up applied, sign a release, and wait for your turn to be on camera!

PBS website for Antiques Roadshow

I haven’t decided if I hope to be featured or not!

And if that wasn’t enough excitement for the week, tonight, after nine months of waiting, we are attending a Santana and Earth, Wind & Fire concert. For years we have attended concerts of a Santana tribute band which have been fabulous and have gotten me on my feet dancing. So I’m super excited to see the real deal, but wouldn’t you know it’s going to be the hottest day of the year nudging towards 100 degrees fahrenheit! Phew!

On the sourcing front I haven’t been doing much. Mostly I’ve been clearing more things in my now very small “death pile” (a few are going straight to my donate pile!) and downsizing more collections–including some of my beloved antique sterling silver demitasse spoons. I realized I like some a lot more than others and I could let a few go. I grouped these three spoons, circa late 1800s, together in a charming lot.

So life is busy, but good. Feeling blessed.

Wishing you happy hunting,



  1. It will be such an exciting experience to attend the AR!
    I did apply for the one here in the UK but didn’t hear anything back. Here you have to apply your items upfront, and if they are interested then they will contact you. I had some old paintings I was curious to get an appraisal of, but didn’t happen… c’est la vie 🙂
    Enjoy the event and the concert!!! ❤

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  2. How thrilling! That was BelovEd’s favorite show! I also have a rising first grader who is a huge fan…he likes the clocks and windup toys! If all else fails there is that bit at the end where you tell your story. If you get on air, please let me know

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  3. That is super exciting and I hope you make it on air (if it turns out you want to, lol)! The brass bank seems like a good choice for sure. But an almost more important question is: what will you wear? You have excellent taste in clothes and jewelry, so it might be hard to narrow down the choices. I’d recommend comfy shoes, though!

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