Antiques at Goodwill? You Bet’cha!

Gosh…it’s October already! Is it just me or does every year seem to go by faster? And here’s another strange thing, some stores have set up their Christmas departments already. Some did that in early September! At least I know that’s happened in London because I’ve seen the YouTube videos from the delightful London Visited channel. We were taken around Harrods, Liberty London and Fortnum & Mason.

Harrods’ decorations, photo courtesy of London Visited YouTube channel.

Now I love Christmas and I’ll confess I enjoyed watching the videos–gosh all those lovely masses of ornaments, crackers and fancy food stuffs–but it surprised me. It feels too early for stores to have this up…even for me!

Currently unlisted.

Well, at my neighborhood thrift store, Halloween decor and costumes are out in full force. And I do look at them hoping to spot some fab vintage piece, but so far no luck. But after finding that wonderful 1800s Chinese lacquer jewelry box last week, I’ve been going back more often hoping other things from that house show up. And I did find more goodies, though certainly not related to the box.

Like this odd brass/bronze thingy that had been set down on the ceramics shelf where someone else had rejected it. I thought it was intriguing. Heavy for its diminutive size and primitive. What was it??

It took me just two seconds to decide that this was a keeper, whatever it was. Yup, this was good.

Turns out it’s an antique kohl pot, possibly from the 1800s, but it could be much, much earlier. It would have originally had an applicator or dipping stick.

The pair of pots on the left were described on Liveauctioneers as “Ancient Luristan Bronze Kohl Vessels, Circa 1000 BC.” The one on the right, listed on eBay, purports being from the 19th century. Similar ones are also listed between the 14th and 16th centuries. So apparently these have been around for centuries! Areas of origin include India, Tibet and the Middle East.

I adore this because it’s authentic, humble and so appealing. It’s crazy to think about all the people who may have owned it…and its near ignominious demise at a Goodwill! (Nowadays it could be used as a bud vase or candleholder.)

Listed for $90.
I’ll be happy to keep this if it doesn’t sell!

I also spotted a very tarnished Victorian-era silver plate Crackers barrel. These don’t sell quickly or for much (and you are spoiled for choice when you look online), but I couldn’t leave it behind. After using six silver wipes, I was able to bring back its luster. This one is by the Silverware Mfg. Co. and in good condition.

Will list for $38.

And here is my bit of folly. I went back and forth on this in the store and in the end couldn’t leave it behind. It was a Victorian-era kettle stand with spirit warmer. Alas no kettle. (Oh for Pete’s sake what was I thinking!) And to top it off the warmer is not original to the stand as it doesn’t fit properly or have the same aesthetic. Still. Still I thought these were fabulous. They have age, quality and good looks.

I’ll sell the spirit warmer separately, but I’m not even sure anyone would buy the stand without its kettle. It’s handsome right down to its paws, but what else could it be used for?? If it was round instead of oval it could be used as a fancy wine stand or to hold a pillar candle. I suppose you could balance a small potted plant on top.

As I said, buying that was a bit of folly!! A heart purchase for sure and I’ll have to give myself another stern talking to!

Wishing you happy hunting,



  1. Great finds! Especially the kohl pot. I’ll bet they didn’t know what it was either, and priced it low. I thought the stand would be good for a plant too, and also be nice to display a vase.

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