Back to Real Life

Vacations are lovely things, but eventually they end and Tuesday found me boarding a plane at 6:45 a.m. laden with a few antique goodies, some fun memories and a heavy heart knowing it will be a while before I see my brother and 92-year-old father again. It was a long, tedious travel day with two flights (and a slightly delayed landing due to a 5.1 earthquake!), but I finally made it home and was relieved to tumble in our front door. (The photo above was taken as we flew over Stanford campus. If I had been on the other side of the plane, I might have been able to spot our house!)

But now it’s back to real life and I’ll admit I have more on my plate than I want–some are good things, some just necessary–but I long to be more unfettered. I love this time of year and the holidays and want to fully enjoy them!

Ironically, it’s partly because of the holidays that I’m busier than usual in my online stores. Fourth quarter is doing its magic and sales have been strong this month. Here are some of October’s solds. As you can see they cover a breadth of areas and prices (from $16 to $275).

The mini African-carved head was a yard sale find from this June. Just a handsome thing bought for $1 and sold for $20. The Haida replica totem pole was a $10 Tennessee antique store find from October 2021. It sold this October for $50. The “Field Book of the Skies” was an estate sale find from this summer. Honestly, I just want by my gut that a vintage astronomy book would be good. I paid $2 and it sold for $48.

I was pleased to have four artwork pieces sell as they are slow sellers. Especially the sweet 1957 charcoal drawing of Leola. It came from the saddest liquidation estate sale and later I discovered the house also had a sad family history. (Paid $1. It sold for $60.)

The religious printer’s blocks have been selling like hotcakes. One gal bought these three lots a week or so after I listed them. I have more to list and I need to get on that! The antique Roycroft letter opener was one of two pieces I bought at Goodwill for under $5. I sold this for $85 because it had some condition issues. (It would have been more in better condition.) Still the new owner loved it and left me a sweet review.

Yes, I do appreciate that more things are selling. Now I just need to stop acquiring for a while!! I have enough to list for the rest of the year without buying…one…more…thing. But of course that is the best part of the biz and what gets many of us in “trouble.” It’s so easy to spend more time shopping and acquiring inventory than actually processing it for sale. Some reseller youtubers I follow own warehouses or storefronts to house their excess, but most of us don’t have that luxury. So I put on my big girl pants today and focused on getting my vacation buys listed in my store (good plan) and then moved out to our jampacked garage for storage!

Wishing you happy hunting (and listing) and a fun Halloween,



  1. You have enough to list for the rest of the year, but I’ll bet that won’t stop you from stopping in the stores “just for a peek”! Think of the treasures you might be missing!

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