Lovely Rain and Etsy Work

November is starting off well here in the San Francisco Bay Area with a nice rain storm. We have dry summers here so the beginning of the rainy season is always most welcome. I am imagining all the plants and trees rejoicing at this long drink of water and the critters dancing a jig! And we got two solid hours of it with more projected this week and next. Yeah!!

So today with the clouds and rain it was the perfect day to stay in and focus on listing items in my Etsy store and that’s precisely what I did all morning. I figure it’s the best use of my time during this holiday buying season…though honestly some of my offerings are a tad quirky and I’m not sure about their “gift-ability!” Like this worn/ripped baby shoe from the 1850s (dated on the brass toe bumper) that I bought recently in North Carolina. Will anyone want to give this a home? (My husband thinks not!) I think it would look adorable with a little bottle brush Christmas tree poking out of it. And consider…how many 170-year-old shoes are still around??! (Listed for $25.)

But this MCM loaded charm bracelet would be a fabulous extravagant gift. I bought it over a year ago to dismantle, but ended up wearing it instead. Finally I decided it was time to list it but didn’t have the heart to break it all up. Love the enameled bride and groom charm. (Listed for $175.)

I did pop into my neighborhood thrift store today–just for a quick rummage–and I came up with the most amazing, handmade, (slightly) tacky Sacred Heart of Jesus. It has decoupaged bits (head, hands and heart), a gown of some material with random bits of shell and hand-painted folds and an iridescent halo. I mean honestly…I could not leave this behind! Even the frame was over the top.

Listed for $45.

It looks like the decoupaged paper bits were taken from an image very similar to this one especially when you look at the robe trim and hands.

I know that the quirky things I’m choosing these days may take longer to sell, but I feel good about offering them. They are more interesting to me than mass-produced collectibles. They have more personality. Some have soul. For me this vintage biz has always (always, always) been more than just making money.

I’ll close for now wishing you happy hunting, listing and selling,



  1. We got some rain too! No frost yet, although cold and snow on the foothills just near town. I buy quirky religious images too! Some are just too, too amazing to pass up. My St. Vincent de Paul gets a lot of what seem to be entire collections donated (after a death I assume). They aren’t always the same religion.

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