A Quiet Life…by Choice

I plan my life so that I have more quiet, at-home days than out-and-about ones. But yesterday I couldn’t stay home. I had a dreaded, long overdue appointment for my skin cancer check. (Melanoma runs in my family.) Well a nurse called me back to the examining room at 7:55 a.m. so I was hoping that meant the doc would be seeing me sooner than my 8:10 appointment. I stripped down, put on the thin cotton gown, open in the back, bare bum, and waited. And waited. And worried. And froze! It was a darn chilly room. Finally at 8:33, the doctor came in (no apology) and got down to business. Now mind you I really like my dermatologist. She is kind and knowledgable (and has the same name as a Hollywood actress!), but I was a bit miffed. I took an early morning appointment just so this wouldn’t happen. The good news is that she didn’t spot any problems which was a HUGE relief.

So I got back home happy to be done with that and with the rest of the day spread before me like a beautiful gift. On most days I do try to accomplish a few things, and on this day (like many lately), I started by adding more items to my Etsy store. I wasn’t in the mood, but knew I just needed to do it. No excuses. So that’s what I did. I made a second cup of coffee, put on one of my favorite murder mystery shows and started photographing and listing things. It wasn’t so bad once I got going!

Here are a few of the “new” things now available for sale…

Since my Victorian-era silver-plate Crackers jar had just sold and I had a similar unlisted one, I knew it was time to get that one in the store! Antique silver-plate items do sell for me though not quickly, but wouldn’t this look cute filled with Christmas crackers or evergreen boughs?? (Listed for $40.)

I also added this fabulous detailed printer’s block of a ciborium (used to hold communion wafers). It displays beautifully and would look great on a personal altar. (Maybe I should keep this one!!)

I bought these mini ceramic Toby jugs (made in Occupied Japan) at an estate sale years and years ago and have been enjoying them in my curio cubbies, but realized I was ready to let them go. The one of a prince looks a bit like one of my daughters!

To top off my morning I made chicken soup using a Cornish game hen. This time of year with the cooler temperatures and rain I am fond of making hearty soups and stews. This weekend I might make a bean and bacon soup or the vegetarian Italian pasta soup recipe that was a long-ago, home economics assignment of my eldest’s and is a family favorite.

The recipe sheet has seen better days!

Yes, I like this low-key, homey life. I like puttering! Doing a little of this, a little of that and a little of nothing! I’ve had more exciting days when I was younger. And I’ve had more exhausting days when I was working full-time work while raising two children. It feels good now to be able to slow down and have a quieter days–for the most part to pick and choose how they will unfold. And of course I do more exciting things now and then–concerts, parties, traveling, antiquing–but I am selective. And that feels good too!

Wishing you good hunting and a life that makes you happy,


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