This is More Like It…Now If Only I Could See!

Yesterday was one of my long-overdue medical appointments. This time for an eye exam. It had been five years since my last one and other having a few more “floaters” I didn’t have any problems. But at my age you never know so it’s best to get things checked out! Thankfully everything is okay though my prescription changed a bit…one eye has improved, the other gotten a little worse! Good figure.

But the upshot was that I needed to get a new prescription and was planning on having the optometrist just use my old frames. I really, really was. But I got seduced by walls of eyeglass frames and the accommodating optician Awtar who kept handing me more great frames to try on. In the end I chose a purple/pinkish pair. Good grief…what was I thinking? Am I becoming…eccentric? (Quite likely!!)

I accidentally photobombed the pic of my glasses!
Can you tell my pupils are enormous?

Anyway, the funny part is that I had had my eyes dilated so that driving home, even with sunglasses, was challenging. But since I was passing my neighborhood thrift store, I had to pop in…even though I couldn’t see properly.

It was rather ridiculous.

BUT, oddly I did find a few things, like these three glass, hand-painted ornaments. Two were priced at $3.49 and one at $4.69. They seemed good enough so back at home I had one of my daughters look for a maker’s mark. Turns out they were all marked Radko. Great! Christopher Radko is well-known in the ornament biz and I’ll do okay with these. And let me just say, who knew Mary was a redhead?!! 😂

But my favorite find was this mid-century modern brutalist brass menorah. It’s this just fabulous?!

When I saw this my heart skipped a beat. This is more like it. Visually stunning with a beautiful spiritual purpose.

The current for-sale listings are all over price wise. The $800 price is particularly baffling.

Here are a few of the eBay sold listings…

I listed mine with some vintage shabbat candles I bought months ago.

So a few good thrift store finds that rather make up for the lackluster flea market “haul” this month.

Now today was an overdue dentist cleaning. Ick. I dread the poking and scraping, but I know it’s a good thing to do. But 7:00 a.m. Why did I agree to that?! (Thankfully the staff at my dentist’s office are so nice and kind and informative that I forgive them the odd moments of discomfort!)

Wishing you all happy hunting,



  1. Karen , I’m glad the checkups went well! Maybe you just needed new quirky frames 😉

    I love the glass decorations and the candleholder – I’m pretty sure I favourited one like this time ago.

    Hope the season is going well for you? I did some sales but nothing on etsy – the international shipping is making sales impossible

    Hugs 🤗

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Gabriella. I hope I still like the glasses when I get them back with my prescription!!

      Sales wise it’s been very average so far on Etsy. Not bad, but not fantastic either. My Chairish store however really languished this year. Not sure what’s going on there.

      Take care. XOXO, Karen

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  2. You sound like me, I am long overdue for the dentist and the eye doctor too! I LOVE old glass ornaments. I thought that Mary was Ariel of the Disney Little Mermaid at first!

    I like those frames.


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