Did You “Do” Black Friday?

I’ll be honest, I’m not a Black Friday fan. In years past we’ve all seen footage of utter chaos at brick-and-mortar stores by the hordes trying to get “the deals.” It just seems like a nightmare to me! And dangerous.

This UK compilation is from 2014.

I suppose the closest I’ve come to Black Friday chaos is at the opening of a promising estate sale. People get overexcited and can become pushy and grabby. I rarely bother going at the opening anymore, but wait a few hours when it’s calmed down…and I still find good things!

But the day after Thanksgiving I did go to my local Goodwill for their Black Friday sale (35% off). It was delightfully less busy at the 8:00 a.m. than it is at their normal 10:00 a.m. opening so I was happy about that. But gosh, I searched it for 45 minutes before I came up with a few items. Up and down aisles. Round and around. It was rather disparaging.

I have such a love/hate affair with this store! I have found some truly amazing things there, but it’s small and I frequently come out empty-handed.

Here are the few things I decided to buy…

I shouldn’t have bothered with them (they are not worth much in the resale market and are fairly ubiquitous) but I just adore Wedgwood Beatrix Potter ceramic dishes. And they do sell though I may wait till I find a few more pieces to make a bigger lot.

This artisan-made pottery bowl is a Ross Spangler piece. I have bought from him over the years at our annual clay and glass festival. In fact I have a bowl similar to this one and may combine the two and sell them as a pair.

Here’s my bowl paired with my new find. He glazes them with agate-like stripes.

Listed for $60.

I had seen this vintage made-in-Hong Kong silver-plate wine holder on the shelves for days but it was priced too high and was being ignored by everybody. The sale it made doable. It’s a handsome piece and would be perfect for that person who is outfitting a drinks cart.

I’ve since cleaned off the tarnish and polish residue with Weiman’s silver wipes.

That was all I bought for resale on Black Friday!! Just a few “bread and butter” pieces. Nothing to prompt a happy dance in the aisles. (Total spent: $10.44) I debated about driving around to other thrift stores, but frankly I wasn’t in the mood.

I did take advantage of a few online Black Friday sales for myself. Nothing frivolous–Levi jeans (my old standby), undergarments and essential oils. My husband however decided to finally to buy a TV for our family room and it’s a big ‘un. (He feels we are in the stone age with our 32″ one in the living room which I find perfectly acceptable.)

Hoping your Thanksgiving and Black Friday were delightful,



  1. How nice to have found a companion bowl! They are quite pretty. I don’t “do” Black Friday. Long ago, the day after Thanksgiving, as it was called then, my mother and I would go shopping in San Francisco. I think it was less busy that day! She parked in the 5th street parking garage, we’d walk up Maiden Lane (see the pets at Robison’s) to Union Square. We’d go to the big Woolworth’s, see the tree in The City of Paris (where my parent’s met, both working there), and of course, China Town. I don’t buy a lot of presents any more, and most shopping is done online.
    My Goodwills never have store-wide sales. St. Vincent de Paul is going to be 50% off on Dec. 10th though!

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    1. Lisa your memories of the day after Thanksgiving with your mother sound lovely!! What I treasure.

      I’m more of an online shopper too, though I do try to shop some at small local Indie stores.

      That St. Vincent de Paul sale might be a could one to check out!! 😘


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