Snippets of Post-Thanksgiving Life

I loved the long, relaxing Thanksgiving weekend but when Monday rolled around, it was time to get back to work. And what a mixed bag this week has been.


Thankfully I had a good group of orders over the weekend so I assembled my shipping supplies and spent 90 minutes packing. Later I made a post office run.

Here are some of the lovely things that sold…

Late morning I had a doctor’s appointment, which went fine except I had to wait 30 minutes. This seems to happen a lot lately. Why??

In the afternoon I worked on new Etsy listings and my eldest daughter surprised me with a bouquet of holiday flowers. How sweet is that!!


I had lots of little things to do. Picking up my new eyeglasses was one. They seem darn tame if you ask me despite being purple and pink. But as I look at this selfie I think…is this what I look like now?? Hmmm.

Of course I stopped into my local Goodwill on my way home for a little picking and gosh I made some good decisions and one absolute plunder. Well, it happens. More often than I’d like to admit.

First I passed up this Army munitions container and this sweet peacock wicker doll chair. Neat pieces but priced with no meat on the bone.

This newish Italian Florentine tray was okay as was the small amateur flower painting but neither wowed me and they seemed like things that would linger a long, long time. I took a pass on them.

But here’s where I really messed up. I spotted this small handkerchief glass vase on a shelf. It had a rough pontil mark on the bottom but no maker’s marks. It seemed nice, but I just wasn’t sure and I didn’t find the colors appealing. In the end I left it on the shelf.

Later I decided to see if I could find a similar one online. And by golly I did. Turns out it was likely a Murano piece that sells for $$$. Here’s one on the Cynthia Findley website for $495 Canadian ($366 US). 😭 😭 Oh darn!!!

But I did buy these petrified wood bookends. (I adore stone, mineral and crystal bits.) These are super chunky (3″ thick and 6 lbs.) with a subtle loveliness of green and mauve colors. So just the one purchase, but a good one.

Listed for $125.

Sadly later a customer contacted me. She had received her order and the box was, in a word, bashed. (She had had the presence of mind to take a photo before she opened the box.) And despite copious bubble-wrap and other packing materials the gorgeous crystal bowl was damaged. (I refunded her and I will be submitting an insurance claim which the post office better honor. I mean really…look at the shape of this box!!!)

So on vintage front, not the best day. But that’s how it is sometimes. More losses than wins!

Later I worked a few hours on a freelance writing project. Not exciting work, but not hard either. I’m happy to have it.

Finally washed my dirty car for tomorrow’s outing.


Today was a lovely fall day spent with my dear friend Rosalie. She treated me to Filoli house and gardens to view the holiday decorations. What a treat.

But even with all the beautiful holiday decorations to look at, I was enchanted by the lovely old bits of the house too…like this fabulous heat register grate and the feet on this lamp.

Afterwards I treated her to lunch and she gifted me with a few more fabulous downsized items–a vintage Keuffel and Esser slide rule, a vintage Pelikan Graphos pen and nib set and a charming 1962 “Hiroshige’s Tokaido in prints and poetry” book. I’ve already listed the sweet book.


A rainy day here in California. Drove my youngest to work so she wouldn’t have to bike in the rain. No new orders so I did chores, listed a few things, wrote a bit, watched an old “Call the Midwife” episode, ordered some Christmas gifts. This and that.

My life is not exciting or perfect or without stress, but still, I feel blessed. Looking forward to decorating for Christmas this weekend.

Wishing you happy hunting,



  1. It sounds like a lovely week. I like the glasses. Just wild enough! Very pretty bookends. I see someone bought the army test practice book! Too bad about the crystal bowl. The box looks like some grocery conveyor belts catch at box and keep rolling. I guess the P.O. has big powerful ones. Still, you’d think they’d attach a “damaged” sticker. I’ve had damaged mail they put in a plastic envelope with a note. Still, most things get to their destinations intact.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Lisa. Thanks…still getting used to the glasses! Yes, the Army book was snapped up pretty quick which pleased me. Thankfully I haven’t had many things broken in the mail. This was only my third in almost 11 years and only the first time I’ve submitted a USPS claim. Hope your Thanksgiving was lovely too! Hugs, Karen


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