Minimalist Decorations are Okay!

First let me admit…I LOVE seeing all the holiday lights, decorations and baubles this time of year. And I love seeing exuberant, over-the-top displays. It makes me smile. And my recent trip to the Filoli estate in Woodside was the perfect place to see some of the classiest!

The sweet silver tree adorned the butler’s room and was one of my favorites! The kitchen sink display was ingenious.

But the truth is that when it comes to my own home I am decidedly minimalist. Getting a tree and putting on a few lights and ornaments is about the extent of it. It feels enough. It’s magical in its simplicity.

But as a vintage/antique seller I do make up little vignettes combining a few Christmasy things with other bits. That’s the bonus of being in the biz.

This year I’m using this carved wood Papua New Guinea tray on our coffee table and started adding things over the last week. My first addition–my vintage Dakin teddy bear (with handmade crocheted overalls) was an Etsy find for myself years ago! Later I added a 1929 Prayer Book and a huge, gem-encrusted sterling cross. Finally I placed an old, worn Christmas tree topper (likely Polish or German) found in Goodwill a few years ago and a fabric Little Drummer Boy given to me by my beloved Aunt Mary and Uncle Vince years and years ago.

Is this tray display particularly beautiful or inspired? Not really. But it makes me smile.

I’ve added the 1950s Beswick sheep (there are always sheep at Christmas) and Jesus in a trough to this vintage moody winter Paris painting.

This time of year we are using my antique brass beehive candlesticks every night (I burn pure beeswax candles in them) but I thought my lone vintage Italian-made plaster wiseman (once decapitated) needed to wander amongst them.

And this feels enough. A lovely fragrant Noble fir and a few extra bits and bobs sprinkled throughout the house to add a little holiday spirit.

To be honest, the best part of this season is having both my adult daughters here at home. It’s a temporary living situation and has some inconveniences in our small home but I am loving it too! What a treasure to have this time together.

Well, however you decorate your abode this holiday season, I hope it pleases you.


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