Did You Miss “National Old Stuff Day”?

Here in the U.S. yesterday was National Old Stuff Day. While designed to be a day for folks to get RID of old stuff cluttering up their houses, some thrift stores promoted it as a day to BUY old stuff! Naturally! So I heeded that siren call and headed out to my neighborhood thrift store. And I’m glad I did. Found some lovely smalls. Nothing valuable but all desirable.

I found these two nice glass paperweights on a new merch cart. (Always exciting to find things before they hit the shelves.) When I see multiples of anything I always wonder if someone dropped off a collection. Should check back today to see if there are more!

This pretty ribbon one was made in Italy for Bullocks department store. Listed for $60.

The clear paperweight with controlled bubbles is a Caithness Scotland piece in their Whirlygig pattern.

I also liked this Jimon Mexico burnished pottery ornament. Signed Mexican pieces are fairly desirable and this has great graphic quality.

And I loved this sweet old framed Mary and Jesus print, circa 1930-1950s. Perfect for a personal altar or mixing in with other pieces of art.

So not a lot, but a good haul for this tiny store. Total paid: $26.46.

Of course it is not lost of me that I didn’t “celebrate” the day as it was intended. Still to me as a vintage lover it makes more sense that National Old Stuff Day celebrates fabulous old things. And it even got me thinking about some of my favorite pieces…like this antique sterling silver lidded trophy, a lovely pair of Margaret Layton NYC lithographs and some favorite big crosses (that I wear all the time).

Would love to hear about your favorite pieces of “old stuff”!!

Wishing you happy hunting,



  1. Lovely finds, and fabolous pieces in your own collection.
    The paperweights are equisite and show their good quality. It was a good way to celebrate the day Karen 🙂

    My favourite pieces of “old stuff” are some really old books, some antique portraits and, of course, a small stash of antique silver. And of course, I have too many collections, lol!

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  2. I missed it! I didn’t know about it. My stores didn’t acknowledge it either. Favorite piece of “old stuff”? I have so much! Excluding items passed down… I can’t pick just one or ten! I thought about it, but I have too much stuff! I’ll probably spend the weekend trying to figure it out! I know what my favorite thrift finds from last year are, by the month, since I kept track for my own blog.
    Lovely paperweights.

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