April Flowers and Sales

The weather has been lovely (sunny and warmish) with lots of new blooms in our yard…along with weeds, leaf and twig debris and a surplus of pollen! (Life is always a mix of good and bad isn’t it?!)

Our climbing jasmine (on either side of this doorway) is going bonkers right now and smells divine. I learned last year if I cut back the the dead blooms afterwards I will get a small second bloom. I’m used to deadheading other plants, like roses, but had never tried it on jasmine before.

Loving the salvias in this pic–the red and white is “Hot Lips” and the purple is “Mirage Blue.” I plant these for the hummingbirds and bees and because they are drought tolerant and so charming.

And my climbing Cecile Brunner rose started blooming a week or two ago. It’s along a fence by the road and gives us a bit of privacy and beauty.

On the biz front, I haven’t been finding much to buy for my store. In fact most of my sourcing excursions (mostly to thrift stores) have been complete busts. I shudder to think of all the hours over the years that I have spent in fruitless searches. Still that’s part of the price one pays in this business. I put in the leg work so you won’t have to!

I did find one thing–an antique cut crystal dish, likely American Brilliant era (1876-1926 or so) though I haven’t been able to determine the maker or exact time frame. Crystal like this is not popular. I know that. I’ve heard it said more than once, “Nobody wants this stuff anymore.” But pieces do sell for me (eventually!) and bonus I’m happy to keep this if it doesn’t sell. It’s gorgeous with hobnails, crosshatching, fans and dandelions. I’m guessing it’s a spoon or relish dish.

The dandelion motif is uncommon.
Listed for $48.

But one of the benefits of not finding items to buy out in the wider world is that I start sourcing at my house! I put on my big girl pants and start looking for under-appreciated items that I can part with.

This tennis bracelet is one from my personal collection that I haven’t worn much the last year or so. Decided I could let it go. It has semi-precious gemstones set in sterling silver and makes a perfect everyday bracelet.

Listed for $90.

Surprisingly sales have been good for an April which is fabulous because the dreaded “summer sales slump” is just around the corner. Gulp! A lot of resellers use the summer slowdown as a time to ramp up sourcing for Q4 and the “holiday season.” Makes sense with the abundance of yard, rummage and estate sales, but I find I source the same amount all year round. I don’t intentionally try to buy more over the summer. When I find good stuff, I buy it. Period. And since I have limited storage I never go too crazy!

One of my favorite recent sales was this old tooled leather box from H. Heiser, Denver, Colorado, and it’s heading back to Denver!! I love that. (Paid $10 at an estate sale a few weeks ago.)

And I was happy that this vintage Belgium tapestry found a new home. I had bought it over two years ago for $5.19 at my neighborhood thrift store.

And these Waterford martini glasses (also a Goodwill find) sold tout de suite. (Paid $21 and change for the pair.) There was a third one and I’m kicking myself that I didn’t buy it.

So April has been rather nice in many ways, though of course, I try not to dwell on our empty nest! Still missing my babies being at home.

I’ll close for now.


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