Vintage Holiday Photos

Leering rabbit.

With Easter just around the corner I was hoping to pull together a collection of vintage Easter photos…you know, kids with baskets of candy, little girls dressed in bonnets and gloves, a church filled with lilies…that sort of thing.  Alas, I could find nothing in my personal collection and precious little online.

On eBay I did find a number of Easter ’40s pin-up photos, which is frankly a category of photos I wouldn’t have thought existed! This one with a leering Easter bunny seems a bit creepy to me.  (I’m trying to imagine the intended audience for these photos…maybe GIs overseas?)

So while I came up with nothing in the line of vintage Easter photos, I did find some fun Christmas photos used in personal holiday greetings.  A few are decidedly in the “what were they thinking” category!

Here’s one where they got all the kids up on the roof to pose. Somehow I envision the dad coming up with this idea! Well, at least it’s unique.

Kids on the roof!
Kids on the roof!

Here’s another with a baby in the fireplace.  Is it just me, or is this a little strange and unappealing?!

Baby leaning against the firewood.

Here’s one I think is rather sweet. I like the wonder on the baby’s face and the soft lighting from the left side.


Well, I’m going to keep looking for vintage Easter photos. They’ve got to be around. If you have any you like to share let me know!!


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