A Spot of Luck…Finally!

As a book lover, I always enjoy going to my town’s monthly library book sale. While most of the books I buy to resell, some are just for my pleasure…like the slightly tattered 1950s tome of the “Complete Poems of Carl Sandburg” and the Ngaio Marsh “Hand in Glove” mystery.

Today was a bit unusual because for the first time in years I ventured into the building that housed the children’s books. The only other time I had gone here, there seemed to be mostly newer books and nothing piqued my interest. So I went today without high hopes or expectations.

The very first book I examined and bought was entitled, “Mourka, The Autobiography of a Cat.”  This 1964 book was quirky enough to appeal to someone and it was a first edition in very good condition.

At home I started researching it and realized I’d had a spot of luck…finally! The same book, in acceptable condition, just sold on eBay in February for $135! Turns out the book is rare. In fact the eBay seller called it “EXTREMELY RARE.” The only other copy I’ve been able to find for sale is listed at $300 (fine condition). So now I need to go through the book with a fine tooth comb to find any condition issues and figure out my listing price.

It’s a nice problem to have!

How about you?  Any stellar finds??


  1. Congratulations! It looks like a fun book, hope you do well with it. We’ve been to several auctions lately and have found some great stuff that I’m working on looking up and pricing. I love those rare finds!


    1. Thanks Patricia. It was definitely an unexpected discovery. Hopefully, it will find a new home with a rare-book collector!

      Have fun pricing your auction finds. I finally found an auction house close to me (10 miles away). Unfortunately their auction last week was for new, high-end electronics and big furniture…not my thing. Hopefully others will be different. 🙂 – Karen


  2. I imagine you’ve sold “Mourka” by now, but if not, I’ve been looking high and low for a copy and would be interested in buying if you’re selling.
    – Jocelyn


      1. This is crazy, I know, but please let me know if the book “Mourka: the autobiography of a cat” is still for sale after all this time.

        – Jocelyn


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