Thank You Little Thrift Store

Lately my little neighborhood thrift store (just over a mile from my house) has done alright for me. I popped in today on my way to the grocery store and found two quality vintage items.

First I spotted this taped-up bundle of four bar tools. They are quite heavy with solid brass handles.


I tried looking for a maker’s mark (there is none), but spotted a country mark instead. Denmark. Yes!!


Fabulous. These are likely circa 1950s-1970s. They will need polishing and a bit of a clean up, but are worth it. The only similar vintage ones I have found so far online is this pricey pair on, but stuff on this site always seems wildly inflated to me.


Not sure what I’ll price mine at, possibly $100.


Then I spotted this thick, heavy, attractive ashtray. At $9.99 they weren’t giving it away.


Flipped it over and spotted the Daum – France acid mark.


Nice!! And it seems in near perfect condition. Though it’s an ashtray it could be used as a little bowl. I could see using this on a nightstand to corral jewelry or used as a candy dish. I’ll be pricing this at $50.

And on the sales front my last three orders have all been items I found in this little thrift store! These two sold on Etsy. (I paid $6.79 for the Apollo whiskey decanter and it sold for $49.99. I paid $8 for the Key West ashtray and it also sold for $49.99.)


I listed this super Jack Spade leather messenger bag on eBay as it wasn’t vintage. (I paid $21.35 and accepted an offer of $99.99.)


So thank you little thrift store. I love your proximity, your friendly staff, and of course the fact that I continue to find great things here year after year that sell. 🙂

As always, happy hunting,


P.S. Would love to hear if you have a favorite honey hole in your neck of the woods.


  1. Hi Karen, I do not! And it make me so sad😊. There isn’t a thrift shop anywhere in my normal driving area…. a 30 mile radius of my home. I would travel farther on a weekly basis if I could find one. I’m on the hunt…..

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