March 21, Day 5 of Shelter in Place

Rather a dreary day which zapped my energy. Of course it didn’t help that I woke at 3:00 a.m. and decided to go out to the living room to start writing. Never did go back to sleep. By 6:00 I was sipping my first coffee and eating a sandwich.  (Salami and pepperoncini …how weird is that?!)

In many ways I have it easy. As an introvert sheltering in place isn’t too taxing. I have a comfortable home that I consider a sanctuary. My husband and youngest daughter are with me. I have enough food for the short term. Still emotionally I’m all over the place. (Is it the same with you?) So it helped to talk to two dear friends on the East Coast in the afternoon. I have known both of these women since freshman year in college! What a blessing technology is.

Freshman year. The bib overalls and car in the background are clues to the decade.

Packaged up my two Etsy orders, but realized I shouldn’t run out to hand them off to our postman when he came by. Will have to make a post office run on Monday and while I’m out pick up a little more food, hopefully some fresh stuff.

On a frivolous note I did win an online eBay auction for an antique cloisonné bowl/censer. It’s a well-loved, wabi sabi piece in a sweet floral pattern. I plan on keeping this (at least for now!)

I also treated myself to a few books, though with media mail it will be a while before they arrive. (I’m old school when it comes to books.) Reading is one of my greatest loves and has been since I learned how in first grade. Both my mother and aunt were voracious readers too. When my aunt died some ten years ago and we went back for the funeral we discovered that she had turned her basement family room into a mini library with almost 1000 books. Unfortunately they were all romance novels. Not a genre I read and one that has very little resale value.

Dinner was take-out pizza and fruit. Nothing fancy.

Day five done.

P.S. My oldest daughter devours books too. She’s in the first photo (taken some years ago on a family vacation), patiently waiting for me to take this pic so she could get busy scouring the bookshelves.

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