March 22, Day 6 of Shelter in Place

Normally on a Sunday morning I pull myself together and pop into my neighborhood thrift store for a quick perusal of the latest goods and a little chat with Patty and JJ. We are the faithful Sunday morning “gang.” JJ has often said that the store should put out coffee for us. (I agree!) Afterwards I would head over to my church.

One of the gang in action.

I miss that routine! I miss my church family. I miss all those little Sunday morning connections with people. My husband asked me what I was going to do today and I said, “Darned if I know!” There are a lot of things I could be doing. There’s a tub that needs scrubbing, dusty furniture that shouldn’t be dusty and things that need listing. Hmmm…I’ll save those for another day.

To satisfy my hunting itch I poked around eBay and Etsy. Decided to make an offer on this vintage Russian lacquer pin listed on eBay and they accepted. I look for lacquer pins that depict fairy tales, people or scenes (not the more ubiquitous flowers), signed pieces and those with fine, intricate painting. This 2″ pin had all three!

I “paid up for it” but will still make a profit.

On a disturbing note I have heard anecdotally that gun and ammo sales have been brisk in some parts of the country. I’m guessing some folks think this pandemic will cause societal breakdown and widespread looting, etc. and want to be prepared to take on all comers to their property. Yikes!

Found a jar of alfredo sauce in the cupboard and made a casserole with the sauce, chicken and broccoli topped with parm cheese for dinner. Easy and tasty. It would have been good served over a bed of noodles.

We watched “Captain America” last night. Not my kind of movie, but it was nice to end the day together as we had mostly stayed out of each other’s hair all day.

Day six done.


  1. I love Russian lacquer pieces. That pin is GORGEOUS!!

    There has been a big discussion in my neighborhood NextDoor app about the lines going out the door of a local gun shop in the days before the shelter in place order. Apparently there was a run on ammo. Very sad. The discussion stirred up a tremendous amount of discussion and argument. It is such a contentious topic. Fortunately there is a tremendous amount of people reaching out to help each other right now, rather than the social breakdown of the kind feared by those who feel the need to stock up on bullets. Hopefully this experience will awaken some of them to an alternative vision, that of adversity having an awesome tendency to bring out the altruism in humanity, rather than the reverse.

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    1. I’m seeing a lot of altruistic behavior here in the SF Bay Area. Neighbors helping neighbors. Running errands for the elderly. Manning food banks. Sharing supplies. Coming up with creative ideas for restless children. I’m hoping that trend continues.

      P.S. Love Russian lacquer pins too. Can’t wait till this one arrives!

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  2. Adversity does indeed bring out the good in most people. It’s a welcome change from all the bad news and sadness we see here and all over the world.
    However, I know what happens to some when they are scared. There are also people who take advantage of bad situations- price gouging, false promises, etc. Sadly, there are people who prey on others. It’s their way of life, their ‘job’. It is those that you have to plan for. At all times, not just in emergencies. Your ability to protect yourself and property is up to you. Policemen are wonderful, but they can’t magically appear when you need them.
    I have asked myself many times during this crisis “What did our grandparents do?”. Remember, they went through the depression and straight into WW2. (Talk about a learning curve!) They relied on themselves. In every situation. And, took care of their own.
    My family does, indeed, have they necessary equipment to handle those who wish to harm us. And we will not hesitate to employ them.

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    1. Hi Shari. Many thanks for your thoughtful reply and willingness to share your perspective. I can understand it. For me (and this may sound naive) I have never felt the need to buy weapons to protect myself or our property.

      All the best,


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